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It Rained Today

  At last the humidity has left… and I can rest easy in the evenings as my room will not resemble the steam room in Enniskillen leisure Centre!! I also might be able to sleep under my duvet. I have to say, it has struggled to justify it’s purchase over the past few weeks!!   … Continue reading

Switch Payments…

Right… I work for a bank… I hear & see the odd report about payments… in fact I’m reading a 60 page report from APACS on Payments in the UK currently & forecasts of how they will perform over the next decade. Interesting stuff to a point… for example:   I know Personal Cheques are … Continue reading


Back where the Tour all began today… and it was great!!  I really enjoy the atmosphere in the Colmore Row offices and it was good to catch up with some old friends & the old boss!!   On the down side was the travel… eight hours of it today… although I did spend a good … Continue reading

A dose of Cold water…

Is what this place needs…   Now those who know anything about Fermanagh will know that dry spells & mid to high 20 temperatures are not our forte. Put plainly, I am not designed for this (what I would consider) heat… the novelty has worn off!! Thank goodness the forecast has predicted some rain for … Continue reading

Free Money…

Yup you heard it… there is a catch however, let me explain!! I work for a bank – you may have noted under "useful links" which one  – who are currently running a programme called "member get member" whereby, provided certain criteria are met – click on the link to see criteria- , each person … Continue reading

Visitors in Town…

Well DWR & IV were in town to see Brighton & Hove – they may even argue to see their son!! I think they liked the place alrighty… it’s not a bad town, although a little rough around the edges. They’ve managed to see the Pier twice in one day… I’ve not seen it yet in … Continue reading

Alton Towers

Well I have finally seen the big bad world… my first ever trip to Alton Towers!! Situated in lesser spotted England as it is, it proved difficult to find, difficult to get to, awkward to get from car to Park, boring to queue for rides, expensive to be in & very, very wet. I had … Continue reading

What Summer was Made for!!

Cricket!! OK, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea… but mine it certainly is!! I am back from the Sussex v Essex 20/20 match in Hove this evening & I thoroughly enjoyed it!! From the moment when the lovely ladies offered me my boundary page at the gate!! The music to boundaries & wickets was amusing, however the … Continue reading

Summer hits home hard…

Wow. Anyone who knows anything about people from Western Northern Ireland will know that we’re not designed for 30 degrees plus of heat. That doesn’t mean we make like eejits & head for the sun… we’re just not supposed to be in that place at that time… Saturday & Sunday were perhaps the hottest I’ve … Continue reading

Summer is Here

Summer is here!! High twenties on the Beach yesterday & the Thirty mark hoped for today!! Time to see the Sea again!!

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