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Weekend of Extremes… brief break to the Tour!!

Well… I don’t think I’ve had a weekend quite like it… so I’ll start at the start shall I??

Friday, AM, muggins was planning on an early start to the day in order to get into London for 0900. The reason for this was that the Irish Football Assoc are celebrating their 125th anniversary this year & to celebrate they released a commemorative jersey. My plan was to be at opening doors on Oxford Street’s JJB (only retail outlet in England to sell said jersey) so that I could then procede to work in London on time.

Muggins slept in.

Not too bad it has to be said as I managed to make it to Oxford St for 0910… only to find that Oxford St opens at 1000…

So I trapsie across town – carrying two full bags of gear as I’m planning to be at home for the Weekend… so in a mild London town, on a busy tube, in a new suit… needless to say it was warm!!

So the working day went to plan… or shall we say met expectations… and given I’d missed out on my shopping spree earlier on, I decided to wrap up early (1630) head to Oxford St to purchase said jersey & then procede to Gatwick for my flight. Good plan I thought… until the Senior Manager decided to sit down beside me & have a chat…

1655 I got to leave work… so decision time… do I go shopping or do I abandon the plan & head straight for the flight… muggins decided to shop.

Got to Tottenham Court Tube Station… took 3 steps out of it & what hit me… rain… and lots, lots of it!!

On the plus side, I noticed several folks laughing at me soaked through in my Linen suit… and I did manage to purchase said jersey!!

So I headed for my train to the airport… and made it with 2 minutes to spare… which was good fortune… what was bad fortune was that when I got to open my internet banking yesterday the tramps charged me £12 for a single!!

So I made it to the planestation… soaked, tired, hungry… so I decided to eat… at McDonalds. "Why?" I hear your minds ask "did you go there?!"… well, it’s fast food I reply. Or at least it is supposed to be… however I did get my Cheeseburger after just 15 minutes… by which time the flight had been called… so eat on the move I decided… which was a mistake as low & behold the burger dropped (without so much as a bite) to the floor… … now the chap in front of me could have offered sympathy… but no. He laughed… and needless to say I was stretched at this point…

So I boarded the plane… and had no sooner sat, buckled up & removed my shoes (as I’m prone to do on planes) when some old codger asks me if I’m in the right seat… … I was actually qutie restrained when I pointed out that seat 14A was the other side of the cabin…

So there you go… I made it home… and by the time I’d landed in Belfast I was beginning to dry out… needless to say once I made it to the homestead I was tired, but glad to be home!!

So the rest of my weekend… well Saturday started with a consequence of where I began… namely sleeping in on Friday… I had managed to forget my ticket for the Northern Ireland game… … several screams later (and waking my brother up) and several phonecalls later to several distribution companies (who frankly aren’t worth spit) I managed to agree a replacement ticket (at no extra cost) from the IFA!! (where is the "phew" smilie??!!).

So Saturday went quite well after that & the NI played Germany… … now don’t get me wrong, the first 60 minutes were fantastic!! Indeed when Sir David Healy scored a penalty to put us 1-0 up I managed in my joy to snap the pole for my green & white chequed flag!! But expectations were met in fairness so I can’t complain too much about it all…

And Sunday was a pleasant day spent with family, in pleasant sunshine

All in all, a nice weekend spent at home & I managed to get back to the Tour in one piece… and the sun hasn’t stopped shining since… so I’m going to sign out & head down the Beach!! I need the time off I think…


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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