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Summer hits home hard…


Anyone who knows anything about people from Western Northern Ireland will know that we’re not designed for 30 degrees plus of heat. That doesn’t mean we make like eejits & head for the sun… we’re just not supposed to be in that place at that time…

Saturday & Sunday were perhaps the hottest I’ve ever seen in the British Isles. Did I cope… well yes… did I suffer… of course I did!! Lying on Hove Beach on Saturday was lovely, and warm, the sea breeze kept me cool & the bottles of water were a blessing from on high… but despite my sallow skin (well for a paddy) and my factor 8 the white boy went pink!! (well in places!!)

Thankfully I was sensible & wore a hat so I could hide my pain – alas like so often before, but this time on a less deeper plain. But Saturday was amazing. Sunday was probably even hotter. The water disappeared… and the temperature still rose. I was in Tonbridge (Kent for you out there who don’t know where it is… what do you mean you don’t know where Kent is!?!? OK it is the little bit of England which sticks out below London) visiting the lad who I lived with in Birmingham. Incredibly pleasant as the company was the temperature was shocking!!

But no rest there… I was due to catch a train to Brum to allow me to be prepped for a 0830 meeting with my Department Director. Jury’s Inn was my stop over & in their wisdom they decided to not give me my wake up call… so always good to start a day on the wrong foot eh?!

However, the kick up was a phonecall today of apology & an offer of a free hotel room next time I needed one!! Now that is customer service!!

Anyways, yesterday was another cracking day weather wise, but also work wise. I got to shadow a seriously important person in my department & learn from the master, as it were, on how to lead an organisation. Excellent stuff & some of the decisions were pretty major too – and will impact on how we do work over the next few years. It as a nice touch at one point he allowed me to challenge & involve myself in the process and I have actually had a part to play in the new era we’re about to enter!!

After that, it was great to drop by my old office & to say hello to the folks I used to work with. I also had opportunity to have dinner with my old Line Manager which was great – the man is a legend in the making!! And so back to Brighton & Hove… getting back to the flat about 2230. Nice and easy day then…

Thankfully today went quickly… and getting to watch some of the one day cricket in the evening also helped… as well as showing the flatmate what you’re meant to do with a Pool Cue when you’re not fighting!!

Anyways, enough for now… enjoy yourselves & stay safe. Enjoy the summer!!


About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Summer hits home hard…

  1. Hey, thanks for being the first person to write something in my guestbook. Glad you liked my funky additional features, I\’ve been working very hard at improving my space, it\’s kinda become an obsession, I\’m not sure whether thats a good thing or not (it\’s all your fault!) I\’ve just put the washin out and it kinda reminded me of when I put my washin out in Spain cause it\’s very warm today, I had to take an allergy tablet. Congrats on being made Project Manager aswell, sounds like you are very important indeed. 🙂

    Posted by Lee-Anne | June 22, 2005, 11:47

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