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Q. How does the Italian Army advertise it’s surplus weapons for sale??   A. Never Fired, Once Dropped.   Saw this little titbit in the Daily Mirror today as I was waiting for my hair cut. It made me gwaff, so I thought I’d share it. But it’s got me thinking…   I like Europe. … Continue reading

Next Journey??

Well, the relvolving door of being a MT in LTSB is about to start swinging again… however, I’m managed to engineer a position of complete control on my destiny within the Bank for the next two placements. I’m the only candidate of six to be going for a Strategy placement in October which means of … Continue reading

Chelsea, Chelsea!!

Well my old man will be proud. His youngest son at the home of the Premiership Champions (notice I didn’t say European Champions, DWR!!)     Anyways, I had a conference in Stamford Bridge on Friday as part of the Management Trainee Programme, and it was a fairly pleasant surroundings for the event. It was … Continue reading

Back In London…

Well, as I mentioned below I’ve been in London the past two days… and today there were further incidents on the Underground & the Buses. The Picadilly line is still closed from the first incidents a fortnight ago. Rumour about the city today however, was that one of the bombers has been captured & two … Continue reading


Well, it appears weddings are here to stay… I was asked today, to read at the ex-flatmates wedding next April!! I have to say I was taken aback a touch & actually I feel very honoured that a chap I’ve only known for 9 months feels comfortable to ask me to read at his wedding. … Continue reading


Probably best if you grab a cuppa, this blog entry will probably be quite long…   So, I’m at the end of a weeks stay in God’s own country (in particular, the last remaining eden in Europe – (C) Fermanagh Tourist Office). From the 8th to the 17th July I had the joy of being … Continue reading

There, but by the Grace of God…

Tuesday morning AM… I climb the stairwell in Mooregate Tube station London and make it to the nearby office for 0910.   Two days later & London is in a state of shock – has a capital city every gone from a state of Joy to Dismay in 24 hours like this before?! – and … Continue reading

Back on the Trains…

Well, for the first time in a while I was back on the train & back to London!! Which was no major biggie as the start time was 1000. So I managed to get in for 0900 by catching the 0720 from Hove to London Bridge. Handy.   Anyways, as I turned up at the … Continue reading

Thunder & Suits…

Interesting day… well not really… but anyways… I’ll start at the beginning. Saturday was bit of a lazy day spent in front of the TV flicking between the Tennis, Live8 & anything else on that was moderately interesting.   It has been a while since I watched tennis, but the speed & ferocity which the mens game … Continue reading


Where does the time go??     Anyways, I like July… it’s a real family month for us, and this year will involve a week at home – yup this time next week I’ll be in my own bed!! – for the parades & weddings!! Now I’ve not been to a wedding since I was … Continue reading

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