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Thunder & Suits…

Interesting day… well not really… but anyways… I’ll start at the beginning. Saturday was bit of a lazy day spent in front of the TV flicking between the Tennis, Live8 & anything else on that was moderately interesting.
It has been a while since I watched tennis, but the speed & ferocity which the mens game was played at on Saturday was immense!! It was quality as well & although Roderick was a worthy winner, Johansson played a great game.
The Live8 was an interesting experience… I didn’t think I’d be slightly interested in it to be honest… I mean having a bunch of multi-millionaire, self righteous, self promoting, egotistical maniacs preaching to me about how I should do more for people across the planet… when they’re too happy to sit on their fortunes. Remember the Widow’s mite.
Then I had Mz Dynamite telling me how it was all our fault the state africa was in… fair enough the British didn’t cover themselves in glory with the way they exited the empire, however I’d hazard a guess that when Britain attempted to put one right (say in Iraq anyone?!) Mz Dynamite was out there complaining.
Anyways, rant over. Interesting article in the paper today as well about how the words "dictator" and "corruption" weren’t mentioned once. I’ll leave you to decide on that one. Anyways, I hope they make some decisions which truely help the continent & also the opening of trade restrictions (not least because of their side impact on the French economy!!). The world awaits.
Anyways, Sunday was taken as the Sabbath should be, with a day of rest. But before you scowl, I did get out of bed before 1100!! I did actually take a moment to look through my old Graduation photographs!! Great day out that was!! However, in the middle of it I did have a conversation with el parents, where I discovered that my linen suit would be unsuitable for two weddings I have to attend in the next fortnight!! TUT!!
So the consequence… today I had to go & buy another suit as my original (and best) suit is starting to show her age, unfortunately. Well I got one sorted out which should suffice… I did promise to get a picture of the last suit I purchased online, and, umm, I’ve not managed that so far… but I’ll try to remember to take a few photos of me suited & booted when I’m over home – no doubt mum will have the camera primed.
Anyways, that’s probably long enough for today… just to say, all the best to Catherine who starts in a job in the NHS today for a few months… she’ll need all the help she can get on those 0930 starts, hour long lunches & 1600 finishes… oh & 4 days to tour break!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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