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Q. How does the Italian Army advertise it’s surplus weapons for sale??
A. Never Fired, Once Dropped.
Saw this little titbit in the Daily Mirror today as I was waiting for my hair cut. It made me gwaff, so I thought I’d share it. But it’s got me thinking…
I like Europe. I think it’s a beautiful place, and on the whole has many beautiful people. But it’s full of not so nice ones too. Now I accept what I’m about to say may stereotype & generalise, but bear with me… The French. Does anyone like them?? They plot & scheme, they refuse to remove protectionism for their farmers – to the detriment of everyone else – they’re strike all year round, they couldn’t resist an invasion to save their lives & when someone helps them out they refuse to give recognition of that help & claim it was all their own work.
The EU could be a good tool. It should be a good tool. But it’s not… why not?? Well because the French are in the background plotting & planning… and protecting their farmers whilst the rest of the EU gets it in the neck as a consequence… It has to be said they’re not alone, but on the main, it’s all their fault.
You never hear of the Dane’s kicking up much of a fuss?? Or Luxembourg?? And what about Austria?? Nope, not a sausage… well perhaps occasionally the danes make a sausage, but they never shout about it!!
Anyways… mini rant over.
This week… hmm… saw me book all my expected flights until Christmas – I’ll leave those for a month or two. It saw me get a haircut – well that was today but ssshhh!! – and it was extremely tiring – London twice, and a load of number crunching in work. So much so I had a good 11 hours sleep last night… and when I woke the Cleaner was already here!!
Still, the week has ended well… had a lovely walk down the beach last night & made a few phone calls to good friends from home… Let’s hope next week starts as well as this one ended… actually scratch that, let’s hope it’s better!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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