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Salt, Sweat, Sugar…

Well… I’ve not added here for a while… and I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been too busy, or because things have been so quiet. Anyways, what has happened since??   Well I’ve had my Brother & a mate (Rodders) stay with me over the Bank Holiday weekend… good to see them again, although … Continue reading

Mr Taxman

Now I see myself as a responsible citizen. Indeed the idea of paying taxes is something with which I agree with… provided they’re being used wisely. And it’s not even taxes I’m going to moan about… so keep paying your taxes!! But Student Loans… nasty.     I had a chat with the Student Loan … Continue reading

You can take the boy out of the country…

But you can’t take the country out of the boy…     Well, it’s been a busy week so far… and at the same time it’s had lots of quiet quality. So where to begin… umm… well Monday evening was a pleasant stroll down by the beach & chatting to some of the quality people … Continue reading

Kentish Town…

Having originally intended to spend my weekend in Hove, with the one objective of watching Brighton v Crewe at the Withdean Stadium, my plans changed on Friday as I was invited up to Tonbridge in Kent – for Saturday / Sunday Morning – by my former flatmate Alex. The young chap owns a two bed flat … Continue reading

Baby with the Bathwater??

Well I’ve just finished a bit of a purge… tidying up the hard disk, files, folders and that… so hopefully the laptop will run a little quicker. I also deleted a number of contacts on my MSN list who I don’t think I’ve ever talked to on line… so hopefully it will be a little … Continue reading

Pay Out!!

Today I became an adult.     I received my first ever Share Dividend Pay Out today!! Yup, a whole 10.7 pence per share all mine, mine, mine!!  

Gone for a Paddle??

Well, what a wonderful weekend. Saturday was one of those recovery days… I’d had a pretty hectic week last, so I needed one of those recovery days… Excellent!! I also managed to get the car sorted out by the AA… Excellent!! England won the second test of the Ashes… Excellent!! The sun had his hat … Continue reading

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Well I’ve made another weekend… and I’m seriously considering not getting up tomorrow. It’s been one of the quickest weeks I’ve ever encountered, yet probably one of the busier ones I’ll come across this side of 30… not that I’m particularly close to 30… just trying to make a point… ok I’ll stop now…   … Continue reading

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