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Gone for a Paddle??

Well, what a wonderful weekend. Saturday was one of those recovery days… I’d had a pretty hectic week last, so I needed one of those recovery days… Excellent!! I also managed to get the car sorted out by the AA… Excellent!! England won the second test of the Ashes… Excellent!! The sun had his hat on once again… Excellent!! OK I’ll stop now before this becomes another Bill & Ted Excellent (oops) adventure!!
Anyways, things are going my way at the moment… well outside work. Inside work however things are a little less cut & dry. I’ve finally decided that this role is not for me in the long run. There are too many variables which are outside my control & I don’t like it. For example, people who fail to meet deadlines (which they’ve known about for 12 months) which will affect their budget for next year – not a minor detail. I mean, come on!?!? What world do these people live in?!?! And muggins here is supposed to run about after them to make sure they do their work?!?!
Aside from that, I don’t think I’ve seen my line manager since about July7th… between me being on Holiday, her being on Holiday & now she’s on reduced working hours during the school vacations (which are different from home?!) Tomorrow – if I survive that long – will be the first time I’ve seen her in about a month. I suppose I should look on the positive & be thankful she hasn’t been micro managing me…
But today ended on a high as I headed back to the Swimming Pool. I’ve not been for a paddle in almost 11 months – can you believe that?! I’ve been in England nearly 11 months…  – but it was good to finally find a pool & empower myself to head there. Which got me thinking… what motivates me?? I’ve gone through phases before where gym was easy… but why?? I’ve gone to gym due to how girls have treated me; I’ve done boxercise as treating some girls / people how I would want, is illegal ; I’ve gone to the gym for myself; I’ve gone to gym for the endorphins, running through the veins; I’ve gone to gym to prepare for events, matches, etc.
Yet I always seem to find phases of Gym…
Anyways, hopefully now I’ve taken the first step I’ll stay with the Pool for a month or two… until I move house again in October at the least.
And finally today, I found out which New Hire I would be buddying for the next few years. Fionnuala… originally from Strabane apparently. Funny story about this girl, apparently she initially rejected the job offer as she didn’t like the idea of having to commit to moving about the country once every six months… now read where she is from originally & tell me you don’t see an irony there!! (OK so perhaps only some folks from NI will get that one, but I thought it was amusing!!) Anyways, she reconsidered the offer – I’d hazard a guess about a lack of other suitable job offers but that might be cruel – and has decided to become a Dark Horse like me & the gang. Goodness Help Her.
Ciao For Now.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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