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Kentish Town…

Having originally intended to spend my weekend in Hove, with the one objective of watching Brighton v Crewe at the Withdean Stadium, my plans changed on Friday as I was invited up to Tonbridge in Kent – for Saturday / Sunday Morning – by my former flatmate Alex. The young chap owns a two bed flat in this quaint English town with his Fiancee. We had a great time yesterday, playing on his PlayStationII, watching what cricket there was & also watching the football scores come in in the afternoon. In the evening, after more PlayStationII & a brief watch of ‘Shakespeare in Love’ we sat & watched MoTD.. ah, it’s so good to have football back in my weekends.
Anyways, Alex also lives right beside Tonbridge swimming pool, so we headed in for a few lengths of the indoor / outdoor pool there. Which was lovely.. swimming in the sun one minute & the rain the next!! Quality!!
Anyways, the most exciting part of my weekend was caused by Young Sebastian, the German flatmate… let me set the scene… Friday evening Andy & I are sitting in wondering where Seb is!! But being a big boy now, we decided not to panic. At about 2315 I received a phonecall from the man, saying he was in Gatwick Airport to pick up his lady friend (she was flying in from Barcelona) – a surprise as he hadn’t told her of his cunning plan!! However, as her flight had been delayed by an hour – to land at 0115 – Seb was concerned that they might miss the last train into Brighton… and if that was the case could I drive up to the Airport (about 30 minutes drive) to collect them. Fair ask in my book… so I agreed.
At 0130 I decided to head to bed, as I thought they would have called by that point if they were going to miss the train… however at 0215 or so, I got a phonecall… Seb had missed the train… but curiously his lady friend had made the train.
So I jumped the car to collect our stranded flatmate… and at about 0250 I collected the boy wonder from Gatwick… and so the truth outed… Seb had headed out after work… got drunk & decided to head to the airport… however, when her flight got delayed in between a combination of boredom, drunkeness & tiredness caught up with the boy & he fell asleep in Gatwick Airport!! So of course Natalia (his lady) got off the plane, thinking he was in Brighton & caught the train.
Needless to say, Natalia was waiting on the doorstep when we got back to Hove… I then got back into bed. I’ll sort out his Taxi Bill on Monday.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Kentish Town…

  1. The last comment you left onmy blog really meade me laugh, but nearly as much as this entry did – your poor friend!!

    Posted by Catherine | August 17, 2005, 14:29

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