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And another one bites the dust…

Well, here we are. Almost six months to the day my stay in Hove is done. It’s been a good time & I’ve learnt plenty, both in work & about myself, which I suppose is probably the most important thing. However, the role demands flexibility, so it’s onwards I go. Tonight the MSN name will … Continue reading

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Well, it’s still all go at Finbar HQ.   Besides sorting out the house move, work has actually cranked up – rather than eased off, as I move into my last few days in Client Management… maybe I’ve missed something somewhere…   Anyways, this past week has been one of the busier I’ve had recently… … Continue reading

The Gherkin

As I said yesterday, I was in the Gherkin in London today helping out with a Career Advisor’s Fair for Universities. Had a great time putting out information regarding LTSB’s new Graduate Proposition. Was great to have a chat with the Career Dept.s for various UK Universities & of course QUB!! Had a great chat with … Continue reading

Preparing to leave…

Well, the time is almost on hand to turn my back on another place… like I did with Home, Belfast, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne & Birmingham. Hove will soon be added to that list.   Had an interesting conversation with a work colleague & Seb on Friday past about if I’d miss Hove. The answer is a pragmatic … Continue reading


Perfect. Not a feeling, rather a song. It’s been a funny week… some good, some bad. Some happy, some sad. I’d rather not get into the detail on the blog to be honest, however, I’ll share something you’ll no doubt become aware of later. I’ve found a house in London for my next placement. I’ll … Continue reading

Northern Ireland.

What can I say?? If you haven’t heard by now then welcome back… how was Mars??     If you can’t tell where this is going, I’ll start from the beginning… last Friday. Sitting in an office surrounded by English men & women & a taffy for good measure. "Enjoy your time at home" one … Continue reading

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