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Northern Ireland.

What can I say?? If you haven’t heard by now then welcome back… how was Mars??
If you can’t tell where this is going, I’ll start from the beginning… last Friday. Sitting in an office surrounded by English men & women & a taffy for good measure. "Enjoy your time at home" one said, "but you’ll not enjoy the football on Wednesday!!".
They were smug, and in all honesty, justifiably so… afterall, we couldn’t beat Malta in August… what odds of beating England in September?!?!
Anyways, I got home on Friday night & hit bed about 0040 after purchasing the old man’s Chrimbo present… yes really, a Chrimbo present.
Edit: The rest of this post didn’t show?!  Going to have to re-type it – if I can remember it!!
Anyways, Saturday was the game versus the Azers… we haven’t won a home competitive game in four years… I’ve seen everyone of those competitive games. Long & hard has been the road… but today we overcame. Stuart Elliott & Warren Feeney won the day. Wonderful happiness…
Sunday was nice & quiet…
Monday I was ‘Working from Home’ and was reasonably productive until about 1030… ah well. In the evening I headed out with some friends & it was great to see them & catch up.
Tuesday was officially ‘vacation’… and it was exactly that. In the evening a few mates called round and we watched D.E.B.S. and I fell in love with Johana Brewster!!
And so to Wednesday… I was live on Radio One with Colin & Edith (well me & 30 others!!)… I had dinner with Graham Taylor (former England Manager) and Terry Butcher (former England Captain) – well they were at a different table…
And then I saw NI beat England… manic… crazy… fabulous!! I’ve only ever had tears of pain from football… today the balance was redressed. I’m so happy to have spent that moment with my Dad & Brother!! So happy to have been there!! When Healy, sorry Sir Healy scored THAT goal I ended up in a mele of six on the stairwell… but worth it all… being in the ground almost an hour after the game… being in Shaftesbury Square at 1130… watching the game as live until 0130… so happy.
I got three & half hours ‘rest’ – not sure I slept but I made my flight OK… tired, but so happy… I’ll never forget it.

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


2 thoughts on “Northern Ireland.

  1. We\’re not Brazil , we\’re NORTHERN IRELAND………………….:)

    Posted by Lee-Anne | September 9, 2005, 21:53
  2. You were live on Radio 1 with Colin and Edith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im jealous

    Posted by Lee-Anne | September 9, 2005, 22:29

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