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15 The Hamlet

Well, I suppose this would be a good time to tell you about where I’m now living. I was originally planning to live in an area serviced by London Underground when I was house hunting. However, a combination of lack of showers, room, flatmates under 60, and parking facilities meant my best laid plans floundered. … Continue reading

The Big Move!!

Well, as I mentioned the other evening, I’m here… in London… the Capital, not just of a country nor a nation, but the Empire (well OK so the empire is a little smaller than it used to be, but hey, we’ve still got Gibralta!!). A more diverse place you’re not likely to see. However, the … Continue reading

Back & about time too…

Well, ladies & gents – well more ladies I think… I suppose JR will read this whilst apparently working… but sure anyways – I am back in the real world, well, you know what I mean!! I have t’internet again!!   So, it’s been a while since my last entry, and I’ve alot of stuff … Continue reading

London Calling…

Well, I’ve been in London now for just over a week… and no network connection so don’t get much chance to update this at present – in the middle of trying to sort a connection, so please bear with me!!   Been a busy week, tho, perhaps not a huge deal to report bar settling … Continue reading

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