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15 The Hamlet

Well, I suppose this would be a good time to tell you about where I’m now living. I was originally planning to live in an area serviced by London Underground when I was house hunting. However, a combination of lack of showers, room, flatmates under 60, and parking facilities meant my best laid plans floundered.

Then I came across an advert for a flat in Denmark Hill (somewhere I’d heard of, but had no idea where it was & couldn’t work out why I’d heard of it…). The landlord was very helpful, collecting me from another viewing (in his BMW X5 with satnav & headrest tv screens!!) and bringing me to see the flat. And it has to be said, it’s lovely. What looks like new carpet, recently painted walls & decorated Kitchen & Bathroom and not to mention the cream coloured suite of leather!! So all in all, a great wee flat.


The flat also has the added value of being in a quiet private cul de sac – which means old people, young couples, kids & FREE PARKING!! Something not to be overlooked in a place like London. The park is quite nice IMHO, with a wee green in the middle with sycamore trees which, given the time of year, are shedding their leaves once they’ve turned a delicious red colour. They must be american or something, I don’t think I’ve ever seen leaves so red over home!!


My room is rather… shall we say compact, although it does have a new double bed (and following my foray into Ikea a set of shelves). I’ve got some pics on the camera so I’ll upload some pics as soon as I get a chance (i.e. remember) of the whole flat.


I’m now living with three souls (one other in first flat, two others in second flat, now three in third flat… that just popped into my head). And much like the other two flats, I didn’t know these folks before hand (well OK so that doesn’t hold completely true, but close enough). So they’re a little like this:

  • Hannah – 29 year old Lawyer (civil law) who is courting Jason. A sound lassie who thinks everything out although in her own words hasn’t an ounce of organisation – probably why she has two secretaries!!
  • Catherine – 26 year old Editor (if you ever buy 1001 movies you must see before you die you’ll see her name in the front few pages. Catherine is also courting… Keesha (I think that’s how you spell it) who works for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Interesting couple…
  • Alison – 31 year old who works for a Financial Instution in the City. Alison is from Australia & has been in the UK for a few years now. She enjoys gym & making sure we’re organised – good job really given Hannah’s lack of organisation!!

A decent bunch & we get on quite well IMHO. Anyways, by now you’ve worked out that I’m living with three lassies… but you needn’t worry, the bathroom access has been OK so far & I’ve managed to get at least one wash in a day!!


My biggest issue has been getting a network connection so that I could chat on MSN, blog & check mail. That slight issue came about as Alison organised Broadband for herself & because she didn’t involve me, the modem she got from Virgin wasn’t suitable for the router I have… so I have decided rather than spend out on another router (etc.) I’d just go dial up & deal with that until I crack – or Alison moves out!! So please bear with me if you drop me mail… I will pick it up, just very slowly!!


Anyways, enough for now!! I’ll catch you soon no doubt… enjoy your Hallow’een (I’ve got fancy dress tonight!!) and stay safe from the fireworks!!


About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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