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Living in Castles?!

This week has been busy as I’ve been rising at 0600 to head to the pool before work & also gymming it after work, but also as I was on a course Wednesday & Thursday as well as a team away day in Leeds Castle on Friday…   … phew!!!   Anyways, Thursday night was … Continue reading

Pay Day!!

Pay Day!!       So off into London town I trotted to spend some of that hard earned cash. I joined a gym & also had a wee tour of Marks & Sparks.   Mind you, the gym I joined was a tad expensive (although thankfully I qualifed for the LTSB reduced rate) tho … Continue reading

Totting along

Well a decent & enjoyable week… work has been good & the weekend has been even better. I’ve just spent the day watching sport, playing aobut on the internet & also feeding myself pizza!! Do Saturday’s get any better??!!     Anyways, I’ve not been doing alot with my time bar watching movies – Gosse … Continue reading

New City, New Job

Well, if you haven’t gathered it by now, I moved to London due to work & now that I’ve been here over a month I suppose I should let you know a little about how the new role is going.   Well (before Granda asks) I’m really enjoying this new role. I’m working in one … Continue reading

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