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… and a Happy New Year

Ladies & Gentlemen, a very Happy New Year to you all… well not we’ve got Christmas over at least. It’s been a funny time of year. I really enjoyed the journey home from England (the 3.5 hour train journey, and 2 hour ferry journey, or even the 2.5 hour car journey didn’t get me down … Continue reading

Christmas Wishes

Wow, I’ve not put anything in here for a while… my sincerest apologies!! In my defence, it has been a rather hectic week or so.   Lets see… well the weekend of the 10th I headed down to Cheddar in Somerset to celebrate my birthday with some of the lads from work. ‘Cus & I share … Continue reading

Getting better…

Well I have to say I’m getting to enjoy this city more & more!! I’ve got myself into a routine which means I get up feeling happy to be up (despite the pre-dawn-ness of it all), I get to indulge myself with some literature on the bus (currently Jude Fawley’s life at the moment as … Continue reading

Pictures… at last…

Well, like I promised, I eventually got around to posting pictures.   Some of Remembrance Day, my cousin’s wedding in August & also of the new flat in London. I also have a few of Vienna so I’ll post those as well… I’ll do it straight way so I don’t forget!!  

Down with Castles, up with Palaces…

Well I thought last week staying in one of the oldest castles in the UK was something special… and it was, don’t get me wrong… but it’s been bettered, but lets not get carried away just yet…   This has probably been the busiest week I’ve had in England. I did washing last weekend & … Continue reading

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