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Anger Alert

Just a short post… but I’ve had a really stressful afternoon.   Work was fustrating me as my concentration span was shot after a pants night sleep… then I decided it would be a good idea to go to a consumerisation meeting at 1700 thinking I could still go to gym after (d’oh). I then … Continue reading


One of God’s greatest gifts to the world… and at the forefront of this week.   On Friday the draw for Euro 2008 was made & wee Norn Iron have been given a difficult task for the qualifiers, that said it’s a cracking list from a supporter’s point of view. The draw was:   Sweden Spain … Continue reading

Mixed Bag

Hideho Amigos, I trust you’re well this fine Winter’s evening.   I realise it’s not been long since my last entry, however, I’ve been a busy bee… although not in the Gladiator sense & do not intend to oust the Ceasar!!Err… sidetracked there slightly.   Anyways, I got opportunity to head to Solihull Training Centre … Continue reading

Boy Racer?

Hello!!   Well another week has passed & I’m that little bit closer to 30…  but it’s been a good week. Work has been busy like you couldn’t imagine. I’ve been adding items to the to do list as quickly as I can stroke them off it!! But I suppose it’s a good thing that … Continue reading

Hello Moto!!

Well, I’ve been a good worker this week!! I’ve kick started a couple of my New Year resolutions already, with several Casettes already converted to CD and also, I’ve completed a days training on a Motorcycle!!   Having booked the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) earlier in the week I awaited the info letter to arrive … Continue reading

Settling back in

Well, it’s been one of those weeks… trying to get back into a rhythm. I got my alarm clock back at 0600, I got my leaving work back at 1700, I’ve got my gym sessions at reasonable levels (although just settling back in gently… wouldn’t want to go too hard with a cold still in … Continue reading

And the Tour goes on!!

Well, I’m back in the Capital. In a feat of British Transporting excellence the 11 hour journey home on the 23rd December was beaten well into second place by a resounding time of 13 hours 30 minutes on the return journey. Out the door at Clabby shortly before 0900 this morning and into the door … Continue reading

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