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Hello Moto!!

Well, I’ve been a good worker this week!! I’ve kick started a couple of my New Year resolutions already, with several Casettes already converted to CD and also, I’ve completed a days training on a Motorcycle!!
Having booked the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) earlier in the week I awaited the info letter to arrive through the post… of course as I left for work on Friday morning, the letter hadn’t arrived. So I phoned up to check details. Both parts of my driving licence were required… no problem… or so I thought. I got home & ripped my filing system apart… no paper counterpart. D’Oh. Easily the most stressed I’ve been this year!!
Anyways, when I turned up this morning on site, I got away with it… they allowed me to continue to do my CBT regardless. Phew!! It was a real blast from the past… both in terms of Highway code, and also from my MVRUS GCSE!! As it progressed, I really struggled with nerves & although I could handle simple tasks like emergency stops and junctions, I couldn’t get to grips with walking pace control of the bike (i.e. saloms & figure 8s). As a consequence, they wouldn’t take me on the road & recommended another days training.
So I’ve got to go back. I have to say I’m quite glad they didn’t take me on the road, as I think I’d have paniced out there in the real world, so perhaps in the long run, slow & steady is for the best.
Apart from that, this week has been quiet. Meetings in work all over London & gym have kept me occupied. As well Celebrity Big Brother has been entertaining, as always, with the eviction of Jody Marsh. Jody is one mixed up girl, who whilst trying to lose her image, only spent her time perpetuating it!! Also, the way she refused to accept challenge was amazing!! Besides that, Barrymore has cracked finally… or is that statement about 2 years too late… hmm…
Anyways, chat soon.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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