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Phil the Greek

Well, as I left you last time I was on my way to see HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip in St James’ Palace. Anyways, we got over to Green Park early so headed to the Mason’s hall to get our photographs taken to mark the occasion… which was a nice idea – if a … Continue reading

Go, Go, Go…

Well, another busy week in the world Fin. And to think it all started so slowly & comfortably!! Saturday & Sunday were very nice & relaxed… I got a few things sorted out, watched a bit of football and well that was about it… I also was relaxing in the after glow of the first … Continue reading

You’ll Never Walk Alone!!

Well… I suppose I should start this with the important stuff… LIVERPOOL 1-0 MAN UTD!! Cracking stuff even if I do say so myself. Fully deserved & if Rafa can get in some strikers next season, real progress could be made… added to this Portadown beat Limavady 2-0 last night as well!! Horray!!   Anyways, … Continue reading

St Valentines… ah well, but at least there is football!!

Well another festival of misery passes… and yet a glimmer of joy (as always, spread by the beautiful game). Today saw the fixtures for Northern Ireland’s Euro 08 Qualifying group announced. So my holiday plans for the next two years have been sorted.     Anyways, the full fixture list looks like this:   Northern … Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions…

Well the time has nearly come to up sticks & move on again… except this time I have the chance to stay in London!!     I’ve got three placements to choose from, all people management roles, all in Service Centres. One is in Glasgow, one is in Gillingham, and the third is in London. … Continue reading

Music soothes, even the savage beast

It’s funny the effect music has over people… take me today for example, if I’d be writing this at about… 1730 it probably would have been quite a rant. I’d have put the world to right, declared intentions to quit England, the Bank, and become a recluse.   However, after a good dose of endorphins … Continue reading

And another one bites the dust…

Well, the end of yet another week… and Saturday can be confined to the dustbin… but it hasn’t been an unproductive day. In fact it’s been a busy day, although not without it’s downside.   It all started with a ringing door bell… yup I had a hearty sleep of 10 & half hours… and boy … Continue reading

People… and why people love dogs…

Busy week as always… but a few different things this week. Firstly JIL had to go to the doctor… but she’s had the work done & is running like a dream now… next task is to get the girl through the MOT. I might have bit of a problem with some rust, but I’m hoping … Continue reading

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