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One Lawrie Sanchez!!

Well, it’s been bit of a funny week… and perhaps the biggest surprise has been the fact I’ve had couple of quiet days in the office!!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working in Risk, but the work load has been starting to get on my goat a bit recently… I shouldn’t complain, as busy days mean quick days (and Friday was one of the longest days I’ve had in ages) however, it was nice to have some time to look into personal development, try & get more organised for my next move & also to just catch up on the Commonwealth Games.
Anyhoo… I’ve now found a gym in Chelmsford, right beside my place of work which has decent rates & an Ice Rink (  ) so it looks like learning to ice skate could be on the cards!! Number two on the list of things to do this year sorted then. I’ve also got my entire year’s vacation booked in work… so that’s good… did I say Friday was a long day??
So what else has been going… well, the brother arrived in London on Wednesday afternoon, so I was making sure he was fed & watered. It wasn’t easy, he’s one of those "I must have fruit & veg in every meal types" so once he got over the fact he wasn’t going to get that here, I think he mellowed. He did plenty in his time here, seeing Parliament, the London Eye, Arsenal’s football ground & game yesterday. I think he went home more tired than he arrived. He also is gettng on a bit so it’s only to be expected I suppose.
Yesterday, whilst he headed off to see Arsenal, I headed to Kings Meadow in South London to watch AFC Wimbledon v Haybridge Swifts in the Ryman Premier League… it was cold, and dire… sub Irish Premier League… but with 2400 people!! Afterwards, there was a book launch & signing ceremony where Lawrie Sanchez (current NI manager) and Shaun Schofield were signing copies of "there’s always one" (a book written by Shaun about 10 years of following Northern Ireland). So there I was meeting up with Lawrie.
Another bonus to yesterday was bumping in to an ejit on the underground. On arriving at the football yesterday, a mate had several St Patricks day hats (you know the types… big leperchaun hats) but they were blue, yellow & black (conveniently in Wimbledon colours)… they were branded with the name of the O’Neils pub chain. So he hands one out to each of us for the game (helping us add to the atmsophere & also to keep our heads warm.
Anyway, I kept mine on as I was going home & on the tube, this aussie asks "how much for the hat?"… I looked at him & said, "how much is it worth?", thinking not alot. He then offered £20… I thought about it & then handed over the hat for a crisp twenty.
Just goes to show, there is one born every minute.

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “One Lawrie Sanchez!!

  1. Absolutely hilarious.  20 quid for nothing?  You definately can\’t beat that!  And I hope having your brother over hasn\’t left you all stressed and worn out! Look after yourself!

    Posted by Catherine | March 20, 2006, 19:39

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