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Well, I’m not long home from the Wedding of Alex & Charlotte Corrish. For those of you who know anything about me in England, I lived with Alex in Birmingham. A true gent, a great friend & he married a beautiful, gentle bride in Charlotte. I’ve got some pictures, which I’ll get on line here … Continue reading

In Chelmsford…

I’m here… will report later.    

Is persuasion a form of manipulation??

This is a question I was facing today.   I was on a ‘Persuading & Influencing’ course in Aldwych, London and we were discussing the difference between Persuasion & Manipulation… to which I answered I see them as one & the same. The course facilitator didn’t take kindly to this challenge I thought, so we … Continue reading

Want to be a Slogan??

OK, so I came across this today… rather amusing I thought, but this is what you do:   – Log on to http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi – Enter your name in the box – Hit the Sloganize button   Pretty straight forward, yeah?? So what did you get?? I got this classic:   Have you Had your Finbar Today??  

Lie in!!

Yup… you heard it here first, I actually managed ten & half hours solid sleep last night!!     I remember in Uni, that was the norm, plus the afternoon nap on top if it… wow who I wasted my youth in bed!! Still, every once in a while, I suppose it’s acceptable!!   Unfortunately, … Continue reading


  Well, I’ve started my new role in Chelmsford this week… which has meant a one hour 50 minute commute from South East London (ten minute walk to the station, a fifteen minute journey to London Bridge, a twenty minute tube journey, a 35 minute train journey, a ten minute walk & of course the … Continue reading


It’s been a rather busy week this one… but an enjoyable one nonetheless.   I finally managed to catch up with the rest of the civilised world be completing series one of LOST. What a cracking programme… quite what the writers are on is beyond me, but it’s obviously very creative. I have to say, … Continue reading

Packed a bag…

Well, I finally packed a bag for moving… admittedly, it’s only one but it’s symbolic… well I think. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll have to put my life in the back of a van.   Anyways, I finished my role in London yesterday… it was sad to leave the good people behind, but … Continue reading

Moving Home… Again…

http://x2.putfile.com/10/29405035849.gif   Found this little gem online & am of belief that there are more… if I find them I’ll let you know!!   Anyways, it’s nearly time to move again & I was up in Chelmsford yesterday house hunting. I’ve found the home for me!! It’s a new development off the interestingly named Beehive … Continue reading

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