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Moving Home… Again…

Found this little gem online & am of belief that there are more… if I find them I’ll let you know!!
Anyways, it’s nearly time to move again & I was up in Chelmsford yesterday house hunting. I’ve found the home for me!! It’s a new development off the interestingly named Beehive Lane (well I think the name is interesting). It’s a three storey, five bedroom house (two ensuite), with decent sized bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a small lounge room. It also has a garden & large garage.
Perhaps the most amazing thing about this place is the price… it’s £433 a month, but that includes everything… and this guy means everything – Council Tax, Utilities (water & gas), phone line (and landline to landline calls), broadband & SKY tv!! Quality!!
I’ve put my deposit down for one of the double bedrooms (not ensuite unfortunately as the price was a little higher & too much for those) which is pretty airy, fitted wardropes and drawers. It will have wireless net connection as well… sigh… sounds so good!!
On the downside, it’s a littler farther from work that I’d like for a walk. It’s about 25 mintues to work from this place, although, there is a leisure centre en route so I should be able to break it up by stopping there on my way to & from work – meaning I’ll be able to continue my morning swim routine. I’m also considering using the money I get from returning my annual bus pass to purchase a bicycle which will cut commute times significantly.
So the move is on again – mostly over Easter Weekend. I’ll rent a van for the weekend & move the vast majority of my things then. I’ll then completely leave London on the 19th April & move in on the 20th. I’m almost looking forward to it now!! Only got three days in the London Office left, and then on a course for a couple of days… then I’ll be commuting to Chelmsford from the 10th for four days before another couple of days on a course before the move proper. Cool.
But I’m going to miss London. I’ve lived with some pretty cool people over the past six months & will miss Catherine & Hannah much. But I think somehow, we’ll keep in touch.
Yesterday, Davie moved in to the house… he’s a 21 year old lad who sells copiers for a living (and quite a living by the sounds of some of the figures he mentioned last night) and it’s nice to have someone in the house who thinks along my lines… and likes sport!!
Right, well this has probably lasted too long already… Happy April folks!!

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


2 thoughts on “Moving Home… Again…

  1. This isn\’t a trick entry or anything then?  Although It\’s now April 2nd.  The new house sounds great.  The broadband being a definate plus.  Have fun packing!!

    Posted by Catherine | April 2, 2006, 18:15
  2. It might just be me, but April\’s Fool lost it\’s fun when I became an teenager… it\’s hard enough to be this paranoid & believe what people say without a day dedicated to lying…
    Good to have you back!!

    Posted by Barry | April 2, 2006, 21:18

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