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Quality of Life

Well, I’ve been in Chelmsford now, I suppose, for three weeks or so. And I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying being out of the City… I’m a country boy at heart & Chelmsford is a small provincial town… I’m not very far from the fields, it’s got a market, and I can get from one end to the other on my bike in under an hour.
It’s funny, yet I’m really enjoying it here.
The job is entertaining me, the house is superb, the flatmates are turning out to be decent souls & the new friend I made at the wedding has been keeping in touch. Besides all that, I’ve started playing cricket again, I’ve started cycling for fun again and the weather is turning warm. It’s getting good this life malarkey.
It’s been a busy week in work… although I’ve only worked two days this week (Monday & Tuesday were spent on a training course in London) I’ve managed to wrack up 23 hours… enough hours for three days, not two!! This people management carry on requires me to ensure the work is done… so I’ve got to be in early & stay late to make sure they’re not taking the hand (so to speak). We’ve got a few people who like to wrack up the over time, so they need a watchin’. The course was poor in a way… it was a class of three & it didn’t involve me the way the others did (I thought).
My new bike has been giving a little jip… poor build meant one of the pedals treaded so I had to get that fixed… the part they replaced it with wasn’t bike build so it restricted the gearing… tut. Thankfully they seem to have it fixed it now. The car has been having a few issues as well… however, I’ve replaced a rad hose & it should be grand now. Fingers crossed!!
I also went to cricket nets on Wednesday night… which was good fun (first time in about two years that I’d played)… tho on Friday, it was a little sore. However, with a little practice & sensible approach, hopefully I’ll be back playing again in a few weeks!!
This week should also be interesting as the Cousin is calling by. Scotty has a couple of interviews this week (two in London & one in Germany) so I’m helping him out with some accomodation for a few days. Hopefully he’ll get sorted as he’s been unemployed since his game testing job with Atari went a few months ago. What kind of life must that have been… getting up, going to work, playing games all day… tut. Tough obviously.
So that’s about it… for now. Take care & Chat soon.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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