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Skint, World Cup, BB, Norn Iron v Austria… and Opera

Well it’s been an interesting few days… well, when I say interesting, it’s kept me occupied.
I suppose the biggest thing in my life at the moment is the fact that work have skinned me of 11 days wages. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a 1/3 of a monthly pay cheque. Which, as I’m a heavy saver, isn’t good. Now logically I suppose you could say, but if you’re saving it you can dip in when times get tough… can’t you?! Well, err, no I cannot.
I put money away every month into two share programmes which are locked, into a pension, which is locked & a student loan, which is locked. So in essence, once I’ve paid into those, paid off a few other monthly bills (credit card, owed to brother, flights to Norn Iron) there isn’t a huge surplus of disposable income. When I lose a 1/3 it gets even harder.
The whole thing came about because they over paid me last month… so I told them. But instead of taking back what I owed them, they’ve scalped another bit on top… the shower. So here I am, considering what type of bread I want with my tap water… tut. Still, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.
Speaking of irritations, but not killing me is Internet Explorer. I’m  a heavy MSN user (Messenger, Hotmail, MSNSpaces…) however, MS IE has been giving me jip the past couple of days. So in my naivety I thought, well I’ll use another browser & that will be that. So I downloaded Opera, got it set up & was away dandy as you like. Then I tried to access my email… which automatically gives me IE as the browser. Tut. MSNSpace also uses IE as the default browser. Tut. So I’m still experiencing problems when it comes to email & my blog.
On the other hand, Opera is quick, smooth & seems quite user friendly. Definately has me sold to the advantages so far, so with a bit of extra know how, I think I’ll stick with it for the near future at least.
Aside from my issues, I’ve been quite entertained recently by the World Cup & Big Brother 7. Every evening I’m getting in a game on the tele & managing to fit this around BB. I have to admit that I was into BB from the moment it hit UK tv & with a wee bit of PSY101 & PSY102 it just got better. Also, with some management experience, noticing people’s behaviours is something I do more & more of so from that perspective, it’s useful to looks & see. Apart from all of that, watching Pete ‘beat box’, Nicki throw tantrums, Richard wind people up, Glynn learn about the world & the rest make prats of themselves on national tv is entertaining.
My highlights so far are the 24 pass Argentine goal versus Serb & Mont… and Glynn getting excited about boiling an egg. Quality.
And so this morning… I was contemplating what to do with my weekend and decided to watch some DVDs. I finally managed to finish Disc 2 of Teachers Series 1. A cracking show… which always reminds me of how close I came to being a teacher. What would that have turned out like?! Either getting abused in an English school or unemployed in NI?! Thankfully the bank saved me either ignonmy (sp?!). I see the sun about to appear, so I might sit in the garden for a while… which reminds me, garden furniture is to be delivered today… horray!!
And finally… my propsects of a job after the grad programme have taken another turn for the more optimistic (funny I decided to word it that way) as a project manager’s role in Brighton has come up. It’s looking for all the skills I have & ticks all my boxes in terms of what I want from my next role in the bank. It also is with a senior manager I used to work for… so things are looking interesting.
So, as the man said, it’s time to sit back & relax… and you know what that means…

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Skint, World Cup, BB, Norn Iron v Austria… and Opera

  1. I am still disgusted at your choice to use Opera.  OPERA?  But it\’s for GEEKS!  You\’ve abandoned Microsoft/MSN/Live Mail Beta – how COULD you!!??

    Posted by Catherine | June 25, 2006, 18:55

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