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Well, another entry & I suppose another apology for the long wait between this and the last one. I suppose, the first thing to do is to say a happy 12th July to you all – regardless of persuasion or inclination – and I hope & trust you had a good one (and a happy Bastille day if you’re a frenchie).


As it’s that time of year I’m back at the homested and I have to say, it must be the first trip home in my two years (almost!) in LTSB where the sun has shone from start to finish. It’s been a cracking few days weather. So much so, I got a bit of sun at the parades on Wednesday (bald patch burn isn’t much fun!!).


Of course, being home means catching up with friends… and I’m beginning to notice real changes in people as they / I grow up… I’m meeting more & more people who want to get out & see the world, or who have spent a bit of time away from NI & realised that there is more beyond the horizon & that it’s actually character building, mind broadening & educational stuff. Quick example… one friend has spent a few months away in Asia, she seems to have had a great time (will know more tomorrow evening when we catch up properly) but now has itchy feet & wants to go somewhere else now for another challenge. I think she’s struggling to come to terms with having moved on herself & discovering that most of her home hasn’t changed a tod. Bless her… she’s a special one.


A few other highlights over the past few days include seeing Portadown in Europe… and again, it’s a brief visit as they got well beat by Kaunas from Lithuania (3-1 for those who didn’t catch the score in the papers). That said, it was nice to see Shamrock Park again, to see familar faces & to hear familiar "words of encouragement to do better" for the referee… maybe when I’m next home I’ll see them win.


I also sat & passed my motorcycle theory test this morning!! I’ve now got my CBT & Theory… so the only thing between me & my bike licence is the practical test. I’ll be making a phone call about that in the next few days (probably next pay day actually) and hopefully get a date when I’m home in September!! I have to say, I’ve had a cracking year regarding the new year resolutions… I remember two of the three I made (could hoke through the archives to find #3… but not now) and I’m one test away from getting the bike, and a few discs away from salvaging the cassette collection. I’m becoming better at the "doing", which can only be good for my career & the other projects I’ll be putting alongside that.


Which reminds me I need to book some stuff for my Australia trip in December… mental note to self.


So with what time I’ve got left in NI, I’m visiting friends in Kilkeel tomorrow, I’m going to see Julie in Dungannon tomorrow night & tonight it’s the old man’s birthday dinner in Enniskillen. Should be interesting if nothing else. Anyways, I suppose that’s enough for now, I’d best call off & wish you the best for the weekend. I hope the sun shines on you as it is doing here in Fermanagh (the sunshine county).




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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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