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I’ve graduated from being a graduate…

Well, I’ve been poor at keeping this up to date… so much so that when I logged in this evening I’ve noticed that MSNSpace has become "Windows Live Space" with a trendy new schema & once I’ve investigated a wee bit more, perhaps a few new features?! I’ll let you know. First impressions are positive. The photos are looking better & the blog is getting the space it deserves. I suppose what I’m missing perhaps are a few new features on my MSNSpace to make it that little bit more appealing?? All ideas greatly received!!!
Anyways, so what is my excuse for not keeping this up to date?! Well, I suppose I’ve got a few main reasons…
  • Work… it’s been manic over the past few weeks and to be honest, I’ve contributed to that fully by concentrating on my roll off job. And yes I have news. I’ve been offered & accepted a Change / Project Manager role with the Offshore Migration team in London. Effectively I’ll be responsible for helping the employer get the right processes Offshored. I’m chuffed to have it sorted out so soon – wasn’t due to roll off until mid October – and delighted that it’s a job I want, and it allows me to continue (for the time at least) to live in my current home. I had other offers, which is a boost to the ego a touch, so had a choice & have got the job I wanted… which is great. Just a matter now of making sure I do the best I can & get the old promotion ASAP. I’ve got my own personal targets, so the challenge now is to make the goal a reality.
  • Weddings… well one to be exact. Just over a week ago I travelled to Kilkeel to witness the wedding of Nico McBride & James Stevenson. I’ve known Nico since about 2001 and we got on like a house on fire… football, religion, politics, uni, careers, holidays… you name it we have banter about it & share ideas & advice on it all!! She’s a real source of encouragement & a funny lassie. I met James through Nico and instantly I think we hit it off… a big Pipe Band man and a Man Yoo fan for his sins, but hey! no one’s perfect!! I wish them God’s richest blessing together, through this life & eternity. The wedding itself was lovely. I don’t know how the old Anglican Churches do it, but it was 25 degrees plus outside, but inside it was a cool air. The weather was perfect, the Parents of the Bride were relaxed (Mrs McBride was particularly elegant), and the reception dinner was wonderfully proportionate (my way of saying plenty of it!!). I also got the chance to catch up with Kerry & Zebi who I’ve not really seen since Uni. K is going on to be a Doctor & Z is… well he’s Z.
  • Weekends… following the wedding I travelled to Manchester to take part in a football tournament to raise funds for a NI charity – I believe it’s the Scott Wasson appeal which will go towards one of the hospitals in NI. The tournament was an idea I had ages ago & an idea which the North of England NI Supporters Club took up as a challenge. It was great fun to take part – albeit as the referee & hopefully once all the cash is in we will have raised a good value for the appeal.

That about covers it I suppose in terms of what I’ve been up to. Just last to say well done t the brother who has now got himself a pad in Lurgan. Well done!! Catch you soon.



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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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