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Well the quiet week is off to a flyer.
We had a really light load of work in the office today & as a result the troops were out the door by 1530. Major result. I however decided to get myself in gear & begin (seriously) to investigate my Lean Project. Within the bank we’re implementing Lean – a Japanese philosophy on how to do more & more with less & less. Essentially, it allows us to cut costs, which means we operate more efficiently, meaning lower prices for customers and more profits for shareholders… like me!!
Anyways, as part of the training each employee is asked to perform a project which will improve a process, create a saving (time or cost) or just make someone’s life better. Now I completed my training in late June… unfortunately my initial idea was going to be a large piece of work… and involving much work & expense. Plus my heart wasn’t really in it. So it fell by the wayside.
Now however, today infact, I decided to pick on something which is a passionate gripe of mine. Printing. We print loads of documents in our Service Centre in a very inefficient manner. We don’t do duplex printing & our printers are all over the place… meaning we use more pages than we need to and finding the stuff we do print can be a pain.
So the data capture began today in earnest… which is why I got out of the office (early I might add) at 1700.
And good job too… last night (my early night) turned out to be disturbed by a domestic on the street. As I was drifting off I could hear voices outside – not unusual as I sleep with the window open – however they got louder & louder & suddenly the insults started to fly. I decided to get up to see what was going on & ended up spending the next 10 minutes watching absolute comedy & drama rolled into one!!
Outside one of the neighbours houses was a crowd of people – 2 who lived there (mother & daughter) and 4 who didn’t (2 girls & 2 lads). The mother & one of the visitors were shouting & finger wagging at each other. Suddenly the blonde visitor started shouting at the daughter about how she was her friend & how she lent her clothes when she needed them. As if on cue the daughter (a 19-24 year old) had decided she’d heard enough & torn off her blouse & vest before storming into the house topless. Genius.
Anyways, a few threats later (from the mother) the daugher storms back out through the door – clothed this time – and made a bee line for the blonde. She was gaming for a fight & started pulling hair & even made a swing of the foot, but missed. Anyways, they got them split up & the group of visitors started to work their way away from the house. However, with one final insult from the mother, one of the lads this time (who’d been pretty restrained to this point) had finally had enough & turned back towards the house & chucked a beer bottle at the house. Fortunately it hit the wall & bounced away.
Most of the street were hanging out windows by this point watching & thoroughly enjoying it all. As the visitors made their way home, the blonde decided one final insult was necessary & started an attack on the daughter, about how she was a junkie & that was why she’d lost her daughter…
Just another night in Essex.

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Lean…

  1. I love dramas such as the one you\’ve just described.  Although it seemed to get a little serious with that final (rather cruel possibly?) insult?  Drama like that can be fine to watch if you\’re not involved.  Always makes an interesting story to tell on a blog :o)

    Posted by Catherine | August 9, 2006, 20:24

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