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Anyone who knows me knows I like to spend a little time & money on travelling abroad to watch football. This week sees me travel to Finland – Helsinki in particular – for an International Friendly match at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium between Finland & Northern Ireland. It should be good fun as I’ve not see NI play since early June. I can’t even remember who we played now that I try & think about it… but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been watching football… the Charlton game last weekend was just a taster of how good it can be… but Wednesday should be beezer as it’s my team playing so I can get fully involved.
However this week also saw some travel issues as a bunch of horrible little tramps (deceny prevents me from typing what I really think) were caught plotting to blow up around 10 flights in mid-air on their way to the USA. Now I’m not the most patient with these types of people at the best of times having grown up in a country which was held to ransom by such reprobates… but I’ve got extra reason to be peeved this time as the British Authorities have stopped ANY hand luggage on flights.
I’ve not put luggage in the hold since Feb 05 when I was going Skiing for a week… and it was probably June 04 the time before that… I just can’t stand the waiting about at the other end waiting for the carosel to bring me my luggage. Now, because of these pieces of filth I’m going to have to hang about waiting like cattle in a shed waiting for the hay to be brought in on a cold winter’s day.
My other major gripe, is that RyanAir (not the most forgiving of air passenger carriers) is currently cancelling flights out of Stansted… now guess who I’m flying with & where I’m flying from. If my flight is cancelled I’m going to be very peeved… bordering on angry & my travel insurance will be taking a hit.
And breathe…
Friday saw me head down to Brighton to meet up with the lassie I’ll be taking over from in the Manufacturing Transformation team I’m about to join. She was quite sweet & good looking to boot so it wasn’t a difficult meeting at all… but the content was interesting too (honest!) as I’m going to be responsible for two workstreams. I don’t know how you feel about Offshoring… there are two angles I think:
  1. The Business Perspective – it’s cheaper to do work in Low Cost locations, the quality is just as good, so it makes sense.
  2. The Moral Perspective – I’m a Brit, I want to work in Britain so I want to help keep jobs here for my own benefit as much as my friends.

As it turns out, I’ll be responsible for Offshoring nearly 50 jobs before the end of the year… bit of a rsponsibility, but should be a good challenge & one which I’m thoroughly looking forward to. Onwards & upwards as they say.

Oh & the Irish League Cup kicked off at the weekend… Portadown drew 2-2 with Limavady away from home. Not a great start to the season, but with other results going our way, we’ll be fine. Can’t see it being a great season for the Ports, but fingers crossed eh?! Anyways, BB is over, time for bed.


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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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