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It’s going to be a rollercoaster…

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated this little piece of t’internet gold… and for that I do apologise. As the title suggests, it’s been a more than eventful few weeks at that & although I’ll do my best to relay the important parts forgive me if I get a little confused throughout.
I settled in well after Helsinki… admittedly suffering a little bit of the Finland Blues – if you have a job to offer me in Helsinki please let me know – but it’s always good to get back to it. The new job has been a challenge & at this point I’m thinking uh-ho, tidal wave of work coming my way!! But I didn’t join to be coasting through…
I suppose the biggest news in the past few weeks for me personally has been from a friend from Uni. To cut a long story short, she’s split from her boyfriend. Now you’re probably sitting there thinking, well these things happen… but I didn’t think this one would. She has always been a pragmatist & I always got the impression she worked hard at her relationship. It was one of those you thought would go the distance… it certainly had come a long way. And not only did it not… he treated her in a dispicable manner in the end… I was going to go off on one there about the misdemeanour, but to be honest, in hindsight, I’ll concentrate on the good here… the positives I suppose – what there are.
Over the past few weeks I’ve realised just how good a friend I’ve got in the lassie. I’m not the trusting type… never have been, can’t see a circumstance where I will be, however, we’ve shared thoughts over the past few weeks & I’ve learnt from her in terms of determination, selflessness & what it means to be happy. No matter what happens in either our lives from here on in, it’s my determination to ensure our bond is maintained & flourishes over the future.
After all of that…
Last Friday I flew home, getting back to Fermanagh in the wee hours. It’s always good to be home & I am thoroughly enjoying my mother’s cooking in my ripe old age. On the Saturday I headed off to Enniskillen for a morning Bike lesson. Now it’s been several months since my last lesson however, this time there was (as Fermanagh would deem suitable) rain. I’ve never biked in rain before so it was a new challenge… and one which, initally at least, I struggled with. There were several skids & slides – but don’t tell the parents!! However, with the experience behind me, I did quite well on the second hour of the lesson.
After that I headed off to Lurgan to see the brother’s new house… not bad… certainly tidy for the money he’s spent. In NI your money goes further for sure. So once we’d sampled his fine local chippy we heade for Windsor Park for NI v Iceland… we lost 0-3 and the less said the better. Saturday evening was happier as I caught up with Gran Armstrong.
Sunday involved church a couple of times, and spending the day eating mum’s good cooking & heading over to a friends house to catch up on the goss… and then in to Monday when I had a full day lesson in Enniskillen. 8 hours of bike training – including some mechanical stuff – is a tiring effort, but I still found time to head over to Julie’s & catch up with her whilst watching some Bruce Willis flick ’16 Blocks’.
And so to Tuesday… and up & off I headed to Coleraine for one final lesson before my Bike Test… the lessons were seemless & the test was going the same, until I failed. Nine Tenths of the way round I overtook a parked vehicle, however an oncoming vehicle moved to the extreme edge of their carriageway (not particularly necessary IMHO but happens) and so I got done. P’ah!! Later that night I headed to the wedding party of Gillian McCauley & Phil in Kells… which was nice, if a little odd as I didn’t know anyone but the Bride!!
And the last day of my time at home saw me do the tour of the new school building at FMTHS. It was also a good chance to catch up with old school teachers who are still plying the trade & edu-me-kating the future. Bless them. Then to Windsor Park… fearing the worst and… well… it was a dream come true. I enjoyed every minute of it… when we were drawing, losing & most importantly… when we were WINNING!! One of the best games I’ll probably ever witness. To win 3-2 against one of the best teams in the world is a moment which will live with me for ever.
After the game I headed into town to catch up with Cat from Uni and to have a wee bit of supper. It was good to catch up with a good friend, and to take an opportunity to treat her to some of Bishops’ finest.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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