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Well the past 10 days or so have focused almost solely on foreign soil.
Firstly, actually I travelled to NI for the European Qualifying match versus the might of Latvia. Having come off the back of beating Spain & drawing admirably with Denmark away NI football was on bit of a high going into this game… which is exactly why we’d ever reason to fear another Iceland debacle was on the way. NI doesn’t do the favourites tag well. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s genetic, cultural, whatever, we like beating odds & prevailing against insurmountable obstacles. So Latvia was one of those games we were likely to lose.
But, we didn’t. We didn’t play as well as previous games, but I think the players were just as nervous as I was in the stands. Still when the boy Healy slotted in the winner the place went as daft as I think I’ve ever seen it… and remember, this was Lativa!! So with a 1/3 of the games gone in our group, we’re joint second with Denmark & ahead (that’s right, read it one more time, AHEAD) of Spain!! It’s fair to say I’m content with my football at the moment.
The other good footballing news came this week… wee NI weren’t playing, but the October FIFA world rankings were published. NI have moved upwards again & now are ranked 45th in the World!! And for the first time since 1994 Northern Ireland are now ranked above the Republic of Ireland… local bragging rights are being maximised shall we say.
Also this week, my first project went live… on Monday, 10 Indians started working in Bangalore and the ramp up of work has been progressing all week. In fact, all week we’ve been ahead of schedule in the ramp up of work and we’ve not suffered one issue. The word I’ve used is seemless. My boss has been telling me I should be shouting the news from the roof tops… I thought I’d call Mum & Dad instead. Anyways, the management seem pleased, I’ve been getting positive messages from my boss’s, boss’s, boss… so now got three more dates to make sure things go the same way & I’m walking to my winter holiday with work in a good place.
And so to my holiday. Last Friday, one of Da’s cousin’s called me about my trip to Aus & we spoke about staying with family & that… which is good, it’d be a shame to go that far & not say hello!! So hopefully all being well I’ll get to stay with & spend some time with Great Aunt Jean, 2nd Cousin’s Wayne & Kim. I’ve also now sorted all of my accomodation… I’ve got a bed for every night I’m there & in Hong Kong. I don’t normally get excited for Holidays until the last minute, but this one is getting me perky & it’s months away!! Well 47 days, but who’s counting?! Just a few intercity trips & a visa to sort out & it’s done.
Anyways I’m sure there is more to say, like having dinner with old flatmates, starting to play golf & then of course being on the sick today with a horrid cold… not to mention Season 3 of LOST!! But another day…

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Offshore

  1. Aww – are you sick today?  Hope you\’re feeling better. And well done on being so "seemless" and efficient at work!

    Posted by Catherine | October 20, 2006, 13:17

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