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Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

I’m sitting in work… struggling almost to make the days pass. It’s funny how when you’ve got nothing to do the day takes so long to pass & when you’re busy, you wish you had nothing to do…   Still I’m doing productive things… as you can see.   I’m trying to get accomodation sorted … Continue reading

It’s begun

Well, the ashes have started.   There I was at midnight, SKY providing the pictures, eagerly anticipating the biggest Test Series in Cricket. Up trundles Steve Harminson… and… a wide. And in the next hour & half it didn’t get much prettier… that said, I think Australia made the best of their luck with several … Continue reading

Not for the Want of trying…

Well, I should have updated this sooner… indeed, I’ve been chastised by a friend (a friend who incidently hasn’t signed the guestbook) for not updating it more frequently. I apologise… but it’s not my fault!! It’s been a traumatic time for me… my laptop is poorly & once again, consigned to a fate worse than … Continue reading

I’m only sleeping…

Work has been manic recently… I’ve got project two going live tomorrow (Lord willing) and the hours have been cranking up as a concequence. So it was no small relief to have a stonkingly quiet & lazy weekend. I slept, dozed, watched tele, watched dvds, played computer games. Absolutely perfect.   That said there was … Continue reading

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