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Not for the Want of trying…

Well, I should have updated this sooner… indeed, I’ve been chastised by a friend (a friend who incidently hasn’t signed the guestbook) for not updating it more frequently. I apologise… but it’s not my fault!! It’s been a traumatic time for me… my laptop is poorly & once again, consigned to a fate worse than Dixons… it’s PC World… and this time I think it might be serious. Fingers crossed.
There have been other highlights to the past month… Project Two has gone live in work so I’ve now contributed another 12 jobs to the Indian Economy & so far it’s gone a dream. I don’t often go on about work, but this baby has swam like a fish… and just a few months ago it was looking like I’d taken over a dud ready to implode before my eyes.
I’ve also been playing Dan’s PS2 quite a bit… having mastered Tiger Wood’s Golf 2001, I’m now working on FIFA 05… getting there too. And apart from that things have been quiet.
Just for the record, it’s now 8 & a bit working days until I go on vacation… and I don’t want to work those 8 and a bit days at the moment. The holiday is planned & I’m ready to go… that said, my hotel in Sydney has fallen through so gotta get myself down to the travel agent to sort something out. It’s the first time the internet has let me down on booking travel or accomodation plans… I’m not overly concerned about it at the moment… however, it would be nice to know where I’m putting my head at that point.
Still, I’ve got arrangements to meet family sorted out, got Christmas dinner sorted out, got my tickets for the Ashes sorted out… whoo hoo!!
And apart from that, just Christmas shopping needs to be completed. Got most of it done… just need to get Dad bought for & I’m there on that front… Christmas is happening on the weekend of the 2nd December this year in Lurganclabby… turkey dinner & the lot. Result.
Anyways, time for work… Ciao.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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