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More Meeting the Family

Well, I’m back from the Other side of the family down south, and resting up (well looks like I’m trying in vain to rest up) at the hostel. Kim & Karen Hetherington live in a wonderful home in Sandringham, Melbourne. I could try to describe it, but I wouldn’t do it justice. They’re really decent … Continue reading

Merry Christmas To You!!

Friend, May I take this wonderful opportunity to wish you & your dearest a sensational time over the holiday period wherever you may be & whatever you may be doing. I trust that this Christmas Day, you enjoy yourself, spend it in the company of good people & have opportunity to reflect over another year … Continue reading

Gone South

Well, I’ve made Melbourne, Victoria.   The journey in was immense… after staying in a purpose built Hostel in the rear end of no where in particular… we travelled the Great Ocean Road & spotted many wonders of the world including the 12 Apostles. As if that wasn’t awe inspiring, doing a Helicopter ride over … Continue reading

Going South

Sportsfans, I’m now out of Adelaide, on a tour bus travelling to Melbourne. It’s the end of day two of the tour & it’s been a laugh. It’s a party of 16, including 2 Koreans, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and English. Yesterday, we did a tour of the Barossa valley (again) and then we headed for some … Continue reading

Sun, Vines, Dolphins & Guns

Not many space titles start like that I’m sure… Anyways sportsfans, I’m in my last day in Adelaide, the city of churches… and the entire U25 Northern German population. The flight went well and I arrived about 1400 hours on Saturday. As it turned out, I missed +40 degrees in Western Australia and only had … Continue reading

School Boy Error…

I’ve committed a faux pas… today was the hottest it’s been since I’ve arrived… and I went cycling around Rottnest Island from noon thirty until 1430. Ergo, red patches where there were no red patches before. D’Oh!! Anyways, they’re not too bad & with my complexion they should be a good bronze in a few … Continue reading

Meet the family…

Today I arrived in Perth proper, having spent the past few days with family south of here. On Saturday, Gered & Great Aunt Jean picked me up & we travelled 3 or 4 hours south of Cottesloe to Manjimup to visit Wayne & family (Wayne is Gered’s dad & my father’s first cousin). Wayne, wife … Continue reading


Well, day two… or is it three?? The old time difference & jet lag are certainly playing with my sense of the time space continium. Anyways, it’s nearly 1100 here & Gered is on his way to collect me & bring me south to Wayne’s place. I’ve had my dip in the Indian this morning … Continue reading

Australia… Getting Here…

Well, the dream is real… I’m in Australia. A few interesting things on the journey between Hong Kong & here… well firstly I couldn’t access MSN spaces from Hong Kong airport… obviously the Chairman was watching from just across the border. Quantas have better looking air hostesses although the same lack of quality of food. … Continue reading

On Tour, Australia… getting there…

P {margin:0px;padding:0px;} body {font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} Well, part one of the journey is complete, I’m standing in Hong Kong Airport, using free internet… why can’t we have free internet in the UK?! That’s my first reason to gripe… there are a few others… but I’m happy I’m here.   The journey here has gone pretty well… I … Continue reading

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