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Meet the family…

Today I arrived in Perth proper, having spent the past few days with family south of here.

On Saturday, Gered & Great Aunt Jean picked me up & we travelled 3 or 4 hours south of Cottesloe to Manjimup to visit Wayne & family (Wayne is Gered’s dad & my father’s first cousin). Wayne, wife Anita, and kids Ann Marie, Emma & Gered are really nice folks… they couldn’t do enough for me & fed me well – T Bone Steaks!! Gered & Ems have a touch of Hetherington in their appearance whereas Ann Marie must be more like her mother’s side of the family.

Ann Marie is married to Vinny & they have a wee one year old called Davon who is a right wee mucker, but a decent kid… no doubt he’ll grow up as good as the rest of the folks down there. Ems lives with her boyfriend Chris and works for the Shire (no not LoTR) in Technicals (I guess the Road Service is what we’d call it at home). Gered lives in Perth with his Girlfriend Karen… not met her yet… and Gered works for E&Y as an accountant.

The pace of life in Manji, is very like back in Fermanagh… everyone knows everyone & waves as they drive by. I liked it… We went ‘Roo hunting on the Saturday night, which was pretty cool… saw loads & we reckon we hit one, but the pea shooter of a gun didn’t quite have the effect I was hoping for (didn’t get my photo with my quarry as I’d kind of imagined in the car on the way out!!). On the Sunday, we travelled around the area, visited Pemberton and some of the surrounding towns, saw some of the farms & that too… lovely country.

On the Monday, Ems & Anita took me on a tour of the region… Ems pulled a sickie to do it!! Bless her… and we saw Bussleton, Yallingup and down to Smith’s Beach & Margaret River. Some quality beaches & mile upon mile of vineyard. The sun may make the place look nicer than it really is, but boy is this place nice. It was a really good way to end the trip down there & we had a big family dinner that evening. Really nice…

Yesterday I travelled back up north to Jean’s on the Bus… it took just over 5 hours, but I slept a good part of it… I seem to be doing alot of that actually… must be getting on a bit… and then spent yesterday evening at Jean’s watching TV. Can’t remember the last time I sat & watched an evening’s TV like it to be honest… Jean doesn’t really live in Perth, so it was a bit remote, but today we came in, looked over Perth from King’s Park & then travelled to see one of her sisters (Lois) and then back to the hostel I’m staying in. Going into town this avo (like that?!) and then meeting up with Gered tonight.

Next couple of days I’m going to tour Perth & the surrounds (Freemantle & Rottnest Island) before travelling to Adelaide on Saturday. I’m sure there is more I can remember if I think hard… but not got the time to put it here… ask me later perhaps?!



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About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Meet the family…

  1. I\’m not your friend. You tried to kill a kanagroo.  Did you never watch Winnie The Poo?  What about Kanga and little Roo… and Joey, the Bush Kangaroo from that TV show?  Absolutely gutted Barry *cries*
    However I have noticed that today is, in fact, your birthday.   In honour of that, I\’d like to sing you a little song:
    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday dear Barry

    Happy birthday to you
    Like that?  And no I didn\’t copy and paste that from mySpace. I actually wrote it out twice.  In hindsight that was quite inefficient but what can you do?
    Continue to have lots of fun Barry.  Thinking about you.

    Posted by Catherine | December 13, 2006, 15:25

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