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Sun, Vines, Dolphins & Guns

Not many space titles start like that I’m sure…

Anyways sportsfans, I’m in my last day in Adelaide, the city of churches… and the entire U25 Northern German population. The flight went well and I arrived about 1400 hours on Saturday. As it turned out, I missed +40 degrees in Western Australia and only had to deal with a comparitively mild high 20 in South Australia.

The hostel I’m staying in is grand, smallish with a decent community feel to it. Met some good folks, American, Kiwi, English, a fellow Norn Iron soul and what appears to be an invasion of Germans. Just to give you a flavour of what I’m up against, my room has six beds & on nights one & two there were 4 Germans, night three there was just the 1, and last night there were 5. Tonight, it’s looking like 4 again. That’s just my room… other rooms are of similar proportions. Adelaide has a history of German immigration so I suppose it’s not unsurprising to see some… Anyways, they’re a decent enough bunch even if the infamous German sense of humour prevails.\

Anyways, I’ve been a busy traveller. On Saturday evening I got my bearings in the town & found a venue to watch some of the Premiership (Liverpool v Charlton & Arsenal v Portsmouth). A little taste of home. Sunday I took the tram to Glenelg and spent the afternoon on the beach & in the sea. It was truely georgous probably about 30 degrees, although with the wind more like 20 and the sea was warm.

Monday I took a tour of the Barossa valley, a famous wine region in Australia and saw more vineyards… a bit like the Margaret River region, although a touch more secenic I would say with the hills. The tour guide also gave us info on the area and Adelaide. Monday night was BBQ night.

Yesterday, Andrew (the Kiwi) and I headed up to the Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground and did the officia tour… three hours or so it took, but it was interesting for us Cricket lovers, and pleasantly humourous & relaxed. I guess relaxed is how I would describe Australia so far… WA & SA are definately a chip of the Northern Irish laid back attitude. It’s like Fermanagh in the sun. After, we headed to the Library & did the Don Bradman collection… if you’re not into cricket, he’s probably the greatest ever cricketer.

Today, has been the highlight of Adelaide. This morning I headed back to Glenelg to go on a boat trip to swim with Dolphins… I’ll put some pics on the blog when I get the chance later on, but basically they find a pod, and you hang off a rope at the back of the boat and try to see the animals under water in your snorkle gear. All sounds good I hear you say… it is… it also just happens to be Australia’s shark capital. There have been more sightings of sharks of this coast this year, than in the rest of Australia in the last DECADE. But I got to see a bottle nose dolphin from about 8 yards under the water & it made it all worthwhile.

This afternoon, I headed down to the local gun club & spent about 30 minutes on the range with a variety of hand guns. Glock’s, Luger’s and Smith & Weston – semi automatic and revolvers. The kick of the big revolver was incredible, but the smell of gunpowder was sweet. Well worth the $AUS 70!!!

Anyways, the plan was to hire a car on Friday & drive to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, but unfortuantely practically every hire car this side of New Years has gone… so dilemma… however, I’ve found a tour bus which will get me there… it leaves tomorrow & arrives on Saturday – bit of a trek, but should be good fun as we’ll be doing activities along the way!!

And so Week two will close – I’ll probably not have email / internet access so if I’m not speaking to you before, have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!! Later Sportsfans.


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