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Can I have my internet back please…

I do apologise for my slackness over the past few weeks… however, it’s not my fault!! PC world have had my laptop since the 12th November & so far failed to fix it. This is good… because it means I get a new laptop out of them, so I’m waiting for my vouchers to come … Continue reading

Hong Kong Fuey

Jo Tau!   Well folks, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day of actual relaxing holiday… that said, I’m in Hong Kong & I’m not sure that relaxation is really the maxim. It’s certainly not the crazy madness I was expecting… there is an order here & that helps keep the thing … Continue reading

The next stop…

Well, I’m in Brisbane Airport waiting my exit from Australia. Day 32 in the Big Brother house… so to speak. Anyways, over the past three days, I’ve been camping on the largest sand island in the world, and sliding down slidey slides at a large water park in Brisbane’s Gold Coast.   The trip to … Continue reading

Sunshine State?

Well, I’ve travelled to Brisbane, state capital of Queensland, the Sunshine State. Since then, I’ve seen rain each & every day. No Kidding, I’ve seen less sunshine than your average Egyptian sees Snow. That said, it is rather warm here, not dropping below 26 during day light and goodness knows what it reaches when you … Continue reading

Faster, Faster, Faster…

And a few more days pass & the speed picks up a bit.   After Day Two of the Fourth test, I had the joy (d’oh) of witnessing England collapse on Day Three and the test finishing two days early. Now, you travel thousands of miles, spend thousands of pounds, and the only test you get … Continue reading

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