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Faster, Faster, Faster…

And a few more days pass & the speed picks up a bit.
After Day Two of the Fourth test, I had the joy (d’oh) of witnessing England collapse on Day Three and the test finishing two days early. Now, you travel thousands of miles, spend thousands of pounds, and the only test you get to see… finishes early. Sigh. Anyways, Warney got the win he wanted & the near 90K who turned up on day three seemed happy enough (Barmy Army aside).
With my new found time in Melbourne, I went into the city & spent a bit of time there, before returning to St Kilda for a quiet evening. Or so I thought… I ended up spending the evening with the Owners, and having dinner down town about 2300 and getting into bed about 0030!! And it was up early to catch the train / bus to Canberra – capital of Australia. Everyone said it would be dull… they didn’t over exaggerate!! I guess this is the Milton Keynes of Australia… and if Eerie Indiana was going to be made in Australia, this would be the spot. I got dinner, watched the film Bable at the picture house (not worth the money that one either) and headed to bed.
Next day I headed up to the parliament building and did the free tour… interesting enough… I guess I’m lucky to have an appreciation of history & politics so enjoyed the tour & the building itself… although, can’t see it being everyone’s cup of tea. And so on the train again & into Sydney for NYE.
I got in about 1800, straight to the hotel & then straight back to the city for the fireworks. I bumped into another single traveller, from England, and we queued for about an hour to get into the Botanical Gardens… after that time, the guide said that we had about a 20% chance of getting in if he was being generous. Well, I hadn’t travelled that far to witness the thing from behind a bush, so I called up a friend & headed to her party – a friend of hers owns a 13th floor appartment with clear view of the Harbour Bridge (no view of the Opera House, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers). So off I trotted & spent NYE with Kris, Paulie & the folks from the floor above. The value in keeping in touch with folks you meet as you travel the world!!
NYD, I spent in Sydney, up the bridge, around the harbour, harbour tour, and then to the Opera House. After all of that I was feeling a bit on the tired side so I decided to head for bed & spent the evening in the Hotel. In the middle of all of that, I booked my flight for Brisbane & am currently sitting in an airport. It’s my mission now to be a beach bum on the Sunshine Coast and work on the tan… and do some beach sports perhaps… surfing anyone????
So, it’s ’07, and I suppose the time has come to pick new challenges for the year ahead. I’ve got a few in mind & with a bit of effort and patience, I aim to join a gym back in the UK, learn how to Ice Skate, Learn how to play the Guitar, and of course, follow wee Norn Iron throughout the year. Aside that, I’m obivously hoping to do well in work & I’ve got promotion on my mind as I get into the second Quarter – if not before. I hope you’ve got some challenges lined up as well.
Happy New Years to you all & God Bless.

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Faster, Faster, Faster…

  1. Are you copying me by any chance? I got a guitar for Christmas and one of my resolutions is to take lessons.  Ice skating would be great fun :o)
    And your NYE\’s sounds fun.  Chat to you more soon – work beckons for me at present!

    Posted by Catherine | January 3, 2007, 14:08

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