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Well, I’m in Brisbane Airport waiting my exit from Australia. Day 32 in the Big Brother house… so to speak. Anyways, over the past three days, I’ve been camping on the largest sand island in the world, and sliding down slidey slides at a large water park in Brisbane’s Gold Coast.
The trip to Frazer Island was an experience… the driver was a nutter, shifting past dunes at about 100KPH and making sure the back seat passengers (including yours truly) got the real feel for safari. We visited freshwater creeks, streams, lakes and even a desert or two… not forgetting the rain forrest. I funny little place with ship wrecks and sharks in the waters around. It really is a case of paridise lost on this place… thankfully it’s been found.
Yesterday, I travelled for two hours or so to Wild & Wet water park… and to be honest, it wasn’t really worth the effort. It was rather small, and as a loner, that I am, the rides weren’t really set up for individuals… mostly for two, three or fours!! Boo to that. Anyways, after throwing myself off wet ledges for a couple of hours I decided it was time for home and once back, with another steak under my belt (litterally it seems) we headed to the driving range for a few hits…
The other big thing about the past couple of days has been the weather… at last the Sunshine State was living up to it’s name… and yesterday must have pushed 35 I reckon. Last night apparently didn’t drop below 22… that might explain the bad night’s sleep and the wierd dreams… work related to boot… that’s probably not so good!!
Anyways, Hong Kong awaits… now part of China of course (guide book wisely advises against "dissing China, as you’re in it") so another stamp for the Passport. Hopefully, will be able to pick up a suit or two on the cheap and try (at least) to reacclimatise my body clock to GMT. I reckon Hong Kong is the ideal place to try that stunt as it seems like the sort of place where there is always something to do!! Result. Even the forecast is pretty good for there… I guess once the Smog is out of the road.
And then it’s home… wonder if Hong Kong has some freezers I could prepare myself in for the UK Weather… hmm…
Laters folks… I’ll probably be back at work by the time I update this next. I’ll try to get some pictures up as soon as I can. Really… Take Care!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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