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Hong Kong Fuey

Jo Tau!
Well folks, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day of actual relaxing holiday… that said, I’m in Hong Kong & I’m not sure that relaxation is really the maxim. It’s certainly not the crazy madness I was expecting… there is an order here & that helps keep the thing in more of an organised chaos. I think at least.
The flight here was relatively straight forward, and landing the first thing I noticed was the huge red sun which was setting to the west… yes you could look straight at it, without squinting, due to the haze that (so far at least) continually hangs over the city. Some might call it smog.
I guess this is the most foreign place I’ve ever been. You can walk for an hour & not see another of your kind… I know I’ve probably done the same in Poland, or Scandanavia, but without the physical differences, anyone could be a Brit. Here, it’s different. People seem to speak good English, and I guess with the 99 year lease (?!) that shouldn’t be surprising. Since the hand over, one taxi driver was telling me, the changes have been small… althought not small enough for his liking in his back pocket!!
That said, I past Kawloon Cricket Club today… so at least when we left, we left them with manners. Hehe. Wonder will that bit get edited by the local governmental internet monitoring agency… hmm. Anyways, having done some shopping, I finally managed to catch up on the important things in life – thanks to the BBC I caught the goals from the English Carling Cup. I’m sure Mark is delighted to know that his team are the first since 1930 to put six goals past Liverpool at Anfield.
Tomorrow, I pick up my tailored suits and plan to climb one of the tall buildings on Hong Kong Island… only allowed to go to the 43rd floor apparently?! Should be some view… anyways, going to run on now… it’s dark here at five thirty and the city lights are amazing at night!!
It’s been a good trip, but I’ll be glad to see home again. Party on British Airways!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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