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Under the weather

Well, another week has gone and we’re pushing on Mid February… year is nearly done!! Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy with not a lot of stuff really if truth be told. I’ve been getting to grips with the fact that most of the old software games I have for my laptop aren’t compatible and also just relaxing in the house. Well, almost.
On Tuesday & Wednesday I was over in NI for the international challenge match between NI & Wales, in Windsor Park. The usual sell out crowd of about 14K on what was a bitterly, baltic cold night. One thing was for sure, snow was on it’s way. Anyways the game was actually pretty dull, with the first half in particular being what I could only describe as boring. The second half was grand however, and entertaining… well, it was better at least.
After the football I headed into town & met up with Catherine & little sister Louise for supper in Bishops… as is becoming bit of a ritual for the mid week games in Belfast. Wee Lou I’ve not seen since finishing college… and typically for the lady folk of that particular family, she’s not changed a bit!! Now these girls are from Carnlough, by the sea in Co Antrim, and I’m beginning to think there must be something in the water about there. Perhaps there is a business plan in some bottled water Catherine??
Anyways, I managed to make it home thanks to NIR (when I say home I mean my brother’s pad in Lurgan) and after rescuing a drunk from the facilities (?!) the 15 minute walk through a very foggy Lurgan town passed off (thankfully) without hitch. Except that when I got back to the brother’s I had to work… Before I went to the game, I was waiting on two emails. I was merely to take documents in those emails & plug them into another document, and then email it. When I got home from the game the two emails still hadn’t arrived. So at 0020 I sat down to do the work myself.
It wasn’t particularly difficult to be fair (hope my boss isn’t reading this) but it took a bit of time & co-ordination and once done at about 0100 I headed off to bed. Since then I’ve had some pretty good messages of thanks from my boss & his boss and today the senior manager said head out & buy yourself something & expense it!! Unfortunately EasyJet and AirBerlin aren’t being as cheap as they can at the moment… might have to wait for a sale?! So more good news.
I’m also waiting on MS Office 2003 which I can buy through work on the cheap… tick tock.
Anyways the wonderful weather has been a joy to see, and unfortunately it’s all melting away. We had about 3 or 4 inches of snow in Chelmsford… I love the snow. On the downside, I’ve managed to catch a cold somehow… blaming Dan the flatmate personally, but have no specific proof. Right, best get back to something… dedication is being tested to the max today!!

About Mcfaggen

Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Under the weather

  1. As good an idea as the bottled water business plan is – I\’m afraid that it\’s actually all down to good genes :o)
    And we never got snow here at all – I was highly disappointed!
    I\’m sorry to hear you have a cold but… what about a Sims 2 update!!??  My own Sim got a 35,000 simolean bonus the other day would you beleive? Then again, she IS company CEO *grins*

    Posted by Catherine | February 13, 2007, 12:13

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