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On the Road… for a change

I’m currently sitting in a training centre conference room… it’s 2230 or so, and I’ve just been checking my work email. Pay rise on the horizon I think… or at least that’s what I’ll be telling the boss when I return to work on Monday (well I say work, I mean work proper). I’m on a course this week in Andover, Hampshire. It’s the Advanced Project Managers Practitioner Course, and if I pass the test on Friday, I’ll finally be a fully qualified Project Manager. Years of effort, culminating into one week of study & questions.
It’s a funny thing being stuck in an environment like this… it’s almost Uni-esque.
Anyways, I arrived here on Sunday evening thanks to Marcus dropping me off… we were returning from Belfast, where we spent the weekend, in the Hilton. I have to say I’ve been in many a hotel… but the Hilton has to be one of the best I’ve seen yet & for only £50 odd a night!! The food was fantastic, absolutely amazing. We were staying in Belfast for the rugby in Dublin. Marcus is well in to his Rugby… me less so. It was being played in Croke Park, which is the 3rd or 4th largest stadium in Europe… but despite it’s size, it’s not terribly sophisticated. Still the viewing positions weren’t bad.
One of the issues I found was that a GAA pitch is huge compared to Rugby… so the action was a bit further away than it would be normally… and also the fact that Rugby Union involves the ball ‘disappearing’ into rucks & mauls regularly. League is a better spectator sport I’m quickly becoming to think. Anyways, much was made of this game due to the historical significance etc… so I’ll not repeat that here, but people kept going on about atmosphere… and to be honest, in my years of large crowd experience, rugby atmospheres are amongst the worst there are. Yes it was loud, but only in patches. Yes there was chanting, but only small parts.
I think what was perhaps the most annoying thing about it all, was some of the ponces who run about rugby games… rugby really is a Middle Class sport… you know, the condescending type to tell you it’s a game for thugs played by gentlemen… nonsense!! One Irish player smacked two english men square in the face when the ball was at the other end of the pitch. Still, I guess these rugby types have to justify their existence some how… after all, it probably hurts them that the working man’s game is also the World’s game.
Anyways… got side tracked there… Marcus did well to make the game as he missed his Friday night flight & had to take evasive action (taxi to Chelmsford for Chez Finbar and back again the next morning) and rearrange his flight. Still, all ended well as he made it safely.
Prior to all of that I’d been on a week long crusade to gather requirements for my own work & the work of a colleague who was on the sick… as I said, pay rise on the way (fingers crossed at least). I also managed to sell a webcam on eBay for £34 when I thought it was worth a fiver, and I’ve watched season one of 24. I’m also behind on LOST now I think… need to sort that one ASAP. Finally, my employer posted profits of several Billion last week… an 11% increase in profits on 2005… which is good as a shareholder!! That first home is a little step clearer!! Lets keep it going!!
So after all of that, it’s nearly March… another busy month. I’m in Cork, Lichtenstein & Belfast for football this month… hopefully NI can keep up the good work so far. I’m also going to see the London St Patrick’s Day parade from a very different angle (well, given that I’ve never been to a St. Patrick’s day parade, nor watched one on TV, any angle is different I guess). The London Northern Ireland Supporters Club are going to attend & be in the parade this year on a routemaster double decker!! I’m going along to wave like HRH Liz II and see what the craic is… hopefully it’s not half filled beer glasses headed my way!!
Right, back to the study. Behave.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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