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Middle Earth

They always reckoned that Middle Earth was inspired by the Midlands… I find that interesting. I spent most of the past week in Birmingham. It’s not a bad city in many regards… good people, small city centre, nice buzz in the summer. I was acting babysitter for a couple of Indians who were in the … Continue reading


Boy am I glad that week is over. Longest 4 day week I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. Roll on the weekend with glorious blue skies, sleep in the garden and BBQ weather!! Peter is already promising as much pork on the BBQ that we can manage!! Good lad.   Been bit of a funny … Continue reading

Happy Garden!!

Well the easter weekend is over… and it finished with a lad in work asking me if I’d been in the sun over the weekend. Well yes indeedy I had. I actually had a pretty good weekend. On Friday I finished season four of 24… it did look like a lovely day outside, but I … Continue reading

The Shawshank Redemption

If you’ve not seen this movie, I don’t think you can claim to be someone who knows anything about movies. I’ve just had the pleasure of watching again (perhaps the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen it). Perhaps it’s because it’s a period movie, but it never seems to date. They still look & feel … Continue reading

Bank Holiday Blues…

Bank Holidays… blegh.   What a waste of a day… I’ll sleep in, be bored mindless by day time bank holiday tv, and wonder why I can’t go to work. I might bring my laptop home & do some work anyways… got plenty to do. Why is it that distractions always come when you’re busiest?? … Continue reading

Say We Are Top Of The League!!

Funnily enough, the nerves left me as soon as the game started… NI played like the better team, against a team who generally get to the last eight of every competition they enter. Alot was made of ‘Shock & Awe’ during the 1990’s and we were excellent preponents of that style at a time, however, … Continue reading

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