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Say We Are Top Of The League!!

Funnily enough, the nerves left me as soon as the game started… NI played like the better team, against a team who generally get to the last eight of every competition they enter. Alot was made of ‘Shock & Awe’ during the 1990’s and we were excellent preponents of that style at a time, however, Wednesday night was something different. It was composed, measured and above all it was fantastic.
Yes we conceded first, however, we were playing one of the best teams in Europe. But the way we, and the boy Healy responded was world class. This team are playing better than any time in my memory… and following our wonderful win, we’re top of the group at the half way stage. TOP OF THE GROUP!! I don’t remember the last time that happened… it was 1988. The lesson here of course is that we didn’t qualify in that tournament.
I still believe that qualifying will be difficult, and the odds are stacked firmly against us… however, I’m a planner… Plan like you’re going to live forever & live each day like it’s your last. I don’t think we’ll qualify, but I’m planning for the evenutally that we will. I’ve made a provisional application for tickets, spoken to the boss on the possiblity of next June off (that’s ’08 not ’07) and begun to window shop for tents (what could be nicer than camping in the Alps in the summer??)!!
Apart from that, this weekend has been a God Send… I’ve been having dozes, long sleeps and generally doing wee bits & bobs that I should have got done during the last three weeks, but simply haven’t had time to. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, where I’ve got nothing planned… going to get plenty of rest and also tidy alot of things up (this blog included).
Last night I watched Hot Fuzz… tremendous wee film. Made me think of every south east English village I’ve ever been in… if you’ve not seen it, give it a view. If you don’t laugh, you’re a bit wierd.
Finally, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned three of my current flatmates are moving out… well Dan’s already gone… and the Landlord is in the process of filling these three rooms. We had our first potential yesterday morning… 22 year old property developer. Now, what does a property developer do?? Is it buy, develop & sell, or as one of the others said, just paint the rooms for someone else to buy, develop & sell?? And how can you be one at 22?? Sounds like an interesting lassie and I’ve not even seen her nor know her name. Reckon she could be in here in the next couple of weeks.
Oh & finally, finally, Well done to Bex on her new job in the city!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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