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Toodle Pip

And another one bites the dust. Today marked the end of Harvir Mattu in our wider team in work. Harvie, as it turns out, was also my mentee… believe it or not, LTSB asked me to try & influence this young whipper snapper into greatness. And her time with LTSB has now ended & she’s … Continue reading

What is my Daemon?


Mixed Bag

Well, after the pretty good day I had on Thursday, Friday turned out to be bit of a mare!! Firstly, I was working in Andover, which is a jaunt to get to at the best of times… 3 hour 30 minute journey from sunny Essex. So then I get there… and actually the work day … Continue reading

Good times had by all…

It’s been a good couple of days.   Yesterday, a wee friend from Uni was over working in Londonistan so we headed out after work. Louise is a fantastic laugh… she got on with the ones from work like a duck to water… although I think she struggled a little on the Comms front, but … Continue reading

Well there you go then…

… The Doc and The Gunman are in charge of my wee country. It was very wierd watching it on TV today… all sorts of emotions were walked through. From digust, to hope, from impatience to patience. And they played Brian Kennedy?! For goodness sakes… it’s supposed to be a happy day & they play … Continue reading

May the 4th Be With You

In case you didn’t notice, yesterday was Star Wars Day. Not a bad wee idea, mildly amusing it was.   And it ended a long week… work had managed to get me down for the first time in a few months. I’ve been given delivery dates, I’ve built my plans to deliver to them… and … Continue reading

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