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Well, sill season is upon us once more… yup, weddings are lined up for the summer… one at the beginning (well kind of) and one at the end. It’s strange in that NI weddings appear to be mid week affairs… whilst the RoI and mainland UK do them at weekends. Also, for the RoI and the mainland, they give you good notice of the event… in NI, they stick to 4 or 6 weeks notice (I forget which it is).
Now this grates for two reasons.
Firstly, I have to take holiday to go to these weddings. I have to take a full day off for an hour’s ceremony… something not quite right about that. Secondly, with 6 weeks notice (max) I’m unlikely to get the cheapest flight prices available… although this may be offset by the mid week thingy… so, if you want to have a wedding, do it on a weekend & if you’re going to invite me, tell me months in advance so I can get there as easily as possible.
Ta Muchly.
Anyways, this weekend I was over for a Stag do for ‘the joiner’. We headed off to a location outside Moneymore in Co. Londonderry to a Paintballing centre on some sort of estate. It was mighty craic… although it could be rather sore… and hard work. Still, a good time was had by all. We followed up the hard work with a feed in Aughnacloy in Co. Tyrone. Now it’s been a while since I’ve had a ‘feed’ (as we call them in NI). To put this into some kind of context… three courses plus drinks came to £27.50 each… not too bad you think… but the portions were fantastic. I had medalions of steak… the menu said I’d get two… I got three. I had several onion rings, mushrooms, chips… proper chips. If that feed had been presented across the water, it’d have fed three & cost £27.50 each. Long live the feed.
Aside from that, it was a good chance to catch up with friends & family. My brother & I had a team in a table quiz on the Friday night & we proceded to clean up… hehe. We beat the auld pair’s team into third. Hehe. And on the Sunday, I visited the Grandparents. My return on the Monday was rather hung up as the flight was delayed by two & half hours… meaning I had four hours sleep last night. I’m ready for bed the now.
I’ve been entertaining a friend from Uni in London most of the past few weeks – she’s working over here a few days a week… well this week her older sister is over too!! I’m going to treat them to ye old London with a trip to the Globe… the yard of the Globe.
Oh & I’ve got a new phone… I’m sure I should know the type, but I’m too tired to figure it all out… I’ll let you know… needless to say, I’m chuffed with it. It smacks of retro, heavy duty, reliability.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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