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Whoops!! It’s been a while!!

Well… it’s been a day or two hasn’t it!! Terribly sorry I’ve not updated the blog in a wee while… slap on the wrist is imminent.
Anyways, it’s been a busy few weeks!! The Stag do went accordingly, then back to Engerland… with delayed flights, off to Birmingham, and Gillingham, and Andover… and London… and err… well I live in Chelmsford I guess. Work has been manic recently, although this last week was (finally) a bit more ‘normal’.
I also had the pleasure of travelling to Kent for the Annual Tonbridge Football Match. You may not have heard of this prestigious event, but you may do some year soon… well actually, if you don’t hear about it from me, you’re unlikely to ever hear about it. Alex now lives in Tonbridge – well he’s lived there for a while, but I digress – and each year we play a friendly invitational on Tonbridge Park. Usually, it’s the Senior Corrishes & friends versus the Junior Corrish and friends.
In it’s third year now, and it’s good to say that the Seniors came good in 2007!! A comprehensive victory despite being a man down for most of the game!!
I also had the opportunity to go to Chessington World of Aventures as the Third Annual Group Operations Management Trainee Grand Day Out… or TAGOMTGD for short. Chessington is actually a pretty decent theme park, which I guess many folks from NI have never heard of. From the outside, it’s Alton Towers or nothing. Well South London has it’s own version. It was a grand day out… and not only did I get to experience the joys of the rides, but also Banana Cake!! Amazing.
As well as all this, I’ve passed my grade one and two Ice Skating qualifications!! I can now skate, safe in the confidence I can get around three or four laps, without the fear of falling over… and when I do, I can get back up quickly & safely. Those wee runts on Dundonald Ice Bowl who wizz about creating havoc no longer have anywhere to hide!! Har Har!!
What else… I’ve got cousin’s from Australia on their way to London… Kelly & Kylie are travelling, and yours truly is acting tour guide for the London Leg of their trip!! Red Ken should be paying me!! Anyways, in a little less than a fortnight, they’ll be in the Imperial Capital. Getting a few wee things lined up for them… 20:20 at the Oval, on the Thames, the Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge & Tower… might even be possible to get some tickets for Wimbledon for the lassies. Should be good!!
And finally… I’m sure there is other stuff I’ve forgotten but… I was at the Wedding of Gareth Keys and Jolene Little this week past. I’ve grown up with the joiner and have known Jo for a few years also. It was really nice to spend some time at home, catch up with all the lads & lassies and of course get a free feed from the joiner (well, his father in law as it transpired…). They’re off on honeymoon at the moment & no doubt enjoying it – wherever they are. I’ve put some pics on here if you want to take a look.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


One thought on “Whoops!! It’s been a while!!

  1. Hey, if you\’re doing the guided tour of London, don\’t miss the O2!  Yeah, OK, so I work for O2 and am bound to be slightly biased, but it\’s a really good venue.  We had a big O2 party there Saturday night just gone….16,000 people, Dermot O\’Leary, Peter Kay, Kaiser Chiefs, Tom Jones and Basement Jaxx!  Now that\’s a staff party!
    The O2 is still a bit of a work in progress – there\’s about 5-6 restaurants open so far, but if you have family coming over, you\’ve got to show them the Dome!
    Have fun!

    Posted by Ste | June 25, 2007, 21:17

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