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Well, I’m sitting in another airport waiting on another delayed flight. EasyJet are doing their level best to draw me to anger this summer… I will rise above it all (unfortunately, unlike their planes it appears) and remain calm. Anyways, I’ve spent the past few days in the company of good people, eaten loads, enjoyed the weather & I’m on my way home!! Whoo bully for me hoo!!
On Friday, having taken half day from work, I met up with Kylie & Kelly Hetherington and their two friends (Kelly & Jacinta) in Londonistan. The girls are on a six month travel trail across south east asia and europe. They’ve come a long way from their Melbourne homes, that bit is for sure. Anyways, I got them fed & watered & off we went to the Oval for a 20:20 match between Surrey & Kent. It was a great atmosphere, and probably the first sunny day we’ve had in ages. The lassies did good in bringing the weather with them!!
Unfortunately, AirFrance did their level best to destroy our opportunites for fun as they failed to deliver their luggage on time… A full 31 hours after the girls arrived, their bags did. Always the optimist & trying to see the sliver lining in every cloud, this gave me a fantastic opportunity to ruin some frenchie’s day by phoning their call centre & treating them & their customer service with the contempt it deserved.
Anyways, on Saturday we got into town & did the Covent Garden area of London for dinner & entertainment before heading to Dan’s for a night’s kip in London. A real bonus to help us see the sights on the Sunday. We walked about the financial city, got a boat along the thames, and then saw the Houses of Parliament, St James’ park & Buckingham Palace. We had a picnic and a kip in the park & thoroughly enjoyed it all. So back to Chelmsford for an early night. Today, I ended up going to Madam Taussauds with Jacinta & down to Hammersmith for a buffet dinner before leaving them to their own devices for a wee day or two.
It was really good to catch up with the girls again, having met them in Melbourne in December 06.
Anyways, I’m travelling home for a week’s vacation… catch up with friends & familly at the parades on the 12th and generally relax for a wee while. It’s been a long & stressful few months in work & I guess I need to recharge a bit. I’m looking forward to it… the idea of having a relaxing time, a wee BBQ or tow & celebrating Dad’s birthday all make me smile. So, come on EasyJet… sort it out!!
Enjoy your week folks!!

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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