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Sure it’s My Garden..

A glorious Bank Holiday. Now when was the last time you experienced one of those?! And I’ve made good use of the great weather, by enjoying life in the garden. Admittedly yesterday I just lay about & did some reading, but today I feel I’ve even excelled myself. I was up bright & early (well for a Monday morning) and got the lawn mowed and the strimming completed. Then I got myself down to B&Q and purchased some paint & one of those paint sprayer things… came home & painted the fence Forrest Oak Brown. And I have to say, if I do say so myself, which I do, it looks pretty good.
Those sprayer things are fantastic if you’ve got a panel fence. I reckon it took me just under an hour to complete the job, despite having to go back to B&Q to get more paint!! Really handy set up. So good, I even managed to have a doze in the garden this avo as well.
Anyways, it’s been another busy week in the world of Finbar, as I was over home for the internationals and for Trevor Robinson’s stag do. I flew home on the Tuesday evening and as per usual, stayed and worked at Mark’s place for the Wednesday. NI were playing Lichtenstein on the Wednesday evening in our Euro Qualifying group. We managed a win, a convincing one as it turned out at 3-1, but the performance was less than satisfying. We took the foot off the gas early on after getting our noses in front & we’ll have to play alot better if we really are going to qualify… which I’m beginning to think myself we might just…
Anyways, I went down to Fermanagh on the Wednesday night & worked from Clabby on the Thursday… which worked fine… until I missed my flight home!! D’Oh!! But with a quick phone call to the office & a jaunt back to Lurgan, I worked from the brother’s house fine. I even found time that evening after work to play a bit of John Madden ’07 which was actually pretty decent & easy to pick up.
On Saturday it was Trevor’s stag do… we arrived in the Valley Hotel for a late morning Fry Up, before taking the scenic route to the Port. We partook of some go-kart racing in Ballymoney, and then headed for dinner before some desert in Portstewart. I could go in to detail, but that of course would be wrong as what goes on stag, stays on stag. But it was very funny and the craic was mighty, as they say.
Anyways, time I was enjoying the garden again. 

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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