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I’ve just woken up after 13 hours sleep… and it feels good. Obviously I was wearing myself out, and it’s not every day I drift off for that kind of sleep. It generally happens once every year or so… maybe I should try to make a habit out of it.   Anyways, over the past … Continue reading

Vacation, Vacation, err… work

Well, in amongst all the travail and turmoil there has actually been some vacation taken in 2007. It seems like an absolute age since I had some quality time off, but I did manage it in the last couple of weeks!!   Friday week ago, I travelled off to Riga in Latvia… as you’ve probably … Continue reading

Right… time to do a job then.

Shalom.   Well, it’s just a few days until the next phase of Qualification for the 2008 European Championships in Austria & Switzerland commences. On Friday I fly to Latvia with several mates from wee Norn Iron. Perhaps our biggest game since the early ’90’s. I have to say I’m getting pretty excited at this point … Continue reading

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