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I’ve just woken up after 13 hours sleep… and it feels good. Obviously I was wearing myself out, and it’s not every day I drift off for that kind of sleep. It generally happens once every year or so… maybe I should try to make a habit out of it.
Anyways, over the past few weeks, things really, have returned to the norm. Work has calmed down to the point where I’m now in control (to a degree) again. I’m feeling  bit demotivated in work at the moment… I’m not 100% sure why, but I’ve got a sneaky feeling that deep down it’s to do with money. In May I was assured of a pay rise which had been agreed by my director. I’ve still not received it and according to my line manager, I’m now not going to get it. Before you think I’m doing a crap job, I’m doing a good job (I got rated as "exceeded" in half 1)… problem is, I’m on a Development grade which my company are phasing out. As part of that they’re correct salaries and have rejected all pay increments as part of the deal. So at some point next year (April I’m being told) I’ll get a huge wack of a pay rise which will make the one I’m missing out on appear juvenile.
You’d think that’d make me happy… but deep down, I’m narked that someone made a promise that they couldn’t keep… and it’s not necessarily their fault either. Carpet has been taken out from under their feet, and I understand that… I still feel narked though. To add to the woes, everyone who entered the development grade prior to 2007 will get their promotion this year (I think some people already have)… but because I got my promotion on Jan 1, I’m waiting until next April. Over one day.
And my final nark, is that my line manager has been trying to sell this to me as a good thing… who’s side is he on?! They were supposed to be ramping me up to the level they’re proposing over the course of 18-24 months anyways… in lean terms I’m sure this is a ‘batch & flow’ issue.
Anyways… we did have a team day in Birmingham recently which was good fun… well, the afters was… the meeting itself had it’s highs & lows… I fell asleep during one of the presentations, so obviously the signs of a 13 hour sleep were there. We had a team dinner at a dog track which was interesting to say the least. Also got to see some of my work colleagues in a new light…
Outside of work, Bob & I headed to see Leyton Orient last weekend (they were playing Hartlepool) and it was quite entertaining. The football was decent, some cracking goals, and reasonably competitive. I do have to say however, that I’ve yet to meet a people who put so much effort & passion into their cursing as East Londoners. And it wasn’t just the stereotypical industrial types… Men, Women, Suits, Children… they were all at it. It was almost impressive.
After that I caught up with an old chum from the sticks, Ian Allen. He works in design and was over for a conference or exhibition in Earl’s Court. He’s changed a bit in my eyes… he’s always been bit of a lad when we were growing up, but when you sit him down & talk to him he speaks plenty of sense. One of those people who’ll always listen to you & take time to understand how you are. Good lad.
Finally (well I’m going to draw this one to a close) I’ve joined a gym in Chelmsford. The Virgin Active gym in town here… I wasn’t going to join it, but given my current interest in working long hours, and a desire to have a better work life balance, it seemed like the right thing to do. In fairness to it, it’s a fantastic set up… great pool, steam room & jucuzzi… it’s also got loads of machines & classes. I won’t be able to swim and go to work like I did in London, but I should be able to swim most days and hopefully will be able to gym most days of the week also. Time to stop being a slob again.

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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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