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I actually opened up to someone this week & in hindsight, whilst I don’t necessarily think it was a good idea, I said something which has stuck with me pretty much since. Outside of work, my primary feeling, is one of boredom. It’s all a bit odd really… I try go spend some time in … Continue reading

This is Stockhom Calling

This week has been all about football.   On Tuesday, Alex, Ralph & I travelled out to Sweden to see wee Norn Iron take on the Group F leaders in Stockholm. On our way we spent 3 hours or so in Gothenberg which as it transpired, was a lovely city. Small & compact, but genuinely … Continue reading


A pretty quiet week actually… that said, it’s seen my return to the gym. I’ve joined the Virgin Active gym in Chelmsford and it’s pretty swish if I’m being honest. It’s got every machines you could want, lots of them, and a 20 metre pool and steam room. Everything I look for in my gym. … Continue reading

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